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Custody/Guardianship Issues

Modern families have many variations, and Buddings provides a safe, balanced, nurturing environment for the children of modern families.

Our first concern is the well-being of the child, and while we strongly believe that a healthy, trusting relationship with both parents and any guardians is tantamount, it is not our place to judge or offer input. We will not become involved in family debates for any reason, and attempts to draw staff members in will be firmly, respectfully declined.

If there is any custody agreement in place pertaining to the children in our care, an up-to-date copy must be provided upon registration.

This will be kept on file, and observed, for the duration of the child’s attendance at Buddings.

We will follow supplied Custody Orders to the letter.

Any attempted actions prohibited in the order will be firmly, respectfully denied and persistence will be dealt with in one of two ways, depending on the nature of the attempt:

  1. The offending person will be asked to leave immediately and without making a scene. The guardian will be called immediately for further instructions.
  2. The police will be called to remove the offending person. Charges may be laid.

We strongly believe that open communication between parents, guardians, and Buddings will best serve the interests of the child, but we recognize that the best-case scenario is not always realistic.

In situations where there is conflict between parents and/or guardians, or resistance to the idea of open communication, Buddings will abide by the wishes of the custodial parent(s).

Health and Safety

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