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Daycare Policies


Daily Routine


Heath and Safety


Proper hygiene habits will be modeled and encouraged at Buddings.

Buddies will take turns washing hands with plain soap whenever necessary, especially before and after lunch, and after using the toilets. They will never share dishes, sheets, or towels between washing. We will teach habits that reduce the spread of germs, such as coughing and sneezing into elbows, rather than hands.

Surfaces, floors, toys, and materials will be cleaned on a regular basis and, where appropriate, sprayed with a sanitizing solution of bleach and water, which evaporates as it dries.

If you hear of a more environmentally friendly option, with the same sanitizing properties as bleach, let us know, and we’ll be glad to test it out. At present, a solution of 1 part bleach for 100 parts water is recommended by Vancouver Coastal Health and childcare licensing.


All allergies will be posted on the daily roster, as well as in the Buddy Information file.

Families can access the Buddy Information file from the Buddings Account, and update information as soon as possible. Staff will be notified of any changes immediately.

Food-allergens will be considered first and foremost when making snacks.

Snacks will be organized so that any child in the centre can participate in cooking, and we will make sure dietary concerns are met for everyone opting in to the Daily Snack.

The products and materials at Buddings are as simple and natural as possible, reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Substance-allergens, however, are difficult to monitor, especially if the reaction develops spontaneously. Please be sure to let us know of any rashes or other symptoms that you notice so that we can try to prevent a recurrence.


A signed and dated consent form will be required for each day that your child is to be given any form of medication.

The “Permission to Administer Medications” form can be filled out when you arrive, or downloaded from the About Us Section and filled in at home. Please be sure that information regarding the time of the last dosage is clearly written on the Permission Form so we can maintain the dosage schedule.

Prescription medications must be in their original bottles, with the child’s name on the original label.

Only medications in the original packages, with the directions on the bottle, will be accepted and the directions will be followed. Buddings will not administer non-prescription medications.

Buddings does not provide medication for children, for any reason.

First Aid

Buddings staff hold current First Aid certificates and are ready to provide care when necessary, and according to health and safety guidelines.

Staff will wear disposable gloves and adhere to the Universal Precautions when administering First Aid involving the treatment of wounds and when cleaning up bodily fluids. It may seem callous, but staff must be healthy and safe in order to ensure the health and safety of your child.

A complete First Aid kit is available at all times, and will be replenished regularly.

In fact, there are two First Aid kits at the centre, in the kitchen, and in our Emergency Bag, so no matter what the emergency (or “owie”), the supplies are on hand.

In the event that a child needs emergency medical attention, an ambulance will be called first, followed by a call to the parents with all relevant information.

Upon arrival, please be sure to give the staff a quick summary of your child’s recent adventures, especially concerning medical issues. If we know the whole story, we’ll be better able to judge quickly and act appropriately if something happens while they are in our care. All serious incidents will be reported to our licensing officer at Vancouver Coastal Health by filing a serious incident report immediately.


There are colds, and then there are colds. Unfortunately, kids catch them all.

Time spent at Buddings is active, stimulating, and most of all, social. It is not an appropriate environment for sick kids, no matter how short the stay will be. If your child is sniffling, coughing, or sneezing, but running around the house like a whirlwind, it’s probably fine to bring him or her in, but be considerate to other families and try to keep them at home during the contagious stages of any illness.
Vancouver Coastal Health’s publication, Sneezes and Diseases, is a great resource for teachers and families when dealing with sick kids. It covers symptoms, cures, and procedures, in a nice, easy-to-digest format.

Do not bring your child to Buddings if they have one or more of these conditions:

  • Pain – any unexplained or undiagnosed pain
  • Acute cold – fever, sore throat, green/yellow runny nose/eyes
  • Contagious or communicable disease
  • Unusual difficulty breathing
  • Fever – 38.3 degrees Celsius or higher
  • Sore throat and/or trouble swallowing
  • Severe body/scalp itching
  • Infected skin or eyes or an unusual rash
  • Severe headache or stiff neck
  • Vomiting – 2 or more times in 24 hours
  • Diarrhea – 2 or more times in 24 hours
  • Nausea/vomiting/abdominal cramps/diarrhea – or any combination thereof. Please.

In the event a child becomes ill while at Buddings, the family will be contacted immediately.

Depending on the duration of the reservation, and how sick the child is feeling, either resting in the quiet area, or an emergency pick-up will be required.

Let us know if your child develops a serious illness or communicable disease after spending time at Buddings.

We will inform other families and try to minimize the spread. Your child’s name will not be passed on, and specific details of the early symptoms would be appreciated.

Emergency Situations

Fire and Earthquake drills are held monthly (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also tested) and our Buddies are taught what to do in each situation.

Our Fire Extinguisher is located in the kitchen and maps, specific escape plans and other pertinent information is posted near the entrance for parent reference. The Meeting Place for Buddings, in case of emergency, is in the parking lot behind the centre.

In the event of Fire

  • At the signal of the smoke detector all children and staff will stop what they are doing and leave the centre via the closest, safest exit
  • Staff will take both the First Aid Kit and Attendance Sheet with them, closing all windows/doors on the way out, and checking behind doors, in bathroom etc., for children who may be frightened and hiding
  • Children physically incapable of walking out will be carried by staff
  • Children and staff will regroup in the parking lot in the alley behind the centre and a head count will be done
  • 911 will then be called and any medical treatment necessary will be administered
  • Parents will be notified as soon as possible, when time and circumstances permit

In the event of Earthquake

  • Children will be instructed to crawl beneath the closest tables and stay in doorways, and to crouch, heads down, with their hands covering their heads
  • Centre staff will instruct the children to remain in these positions until the shaking stops.
  • When the shaking stops all children and staff will re-group and any medical treatment necessary will be administered.
  • Any unsafe utility lines will be shut off
  • Staff and children will remain in the centre if possible until parents/guardians arrive to pick-up their children.
  • The centre will have enough supplies on hand to sustain ourselves for at least 72 hours

We’re prepared with photos and up-to-date information, in case a child ever goes missing.

The thought of losing a child is terrifying but even though we don’t want to think about it, it’s important to know that measures are in place, just in case. We keep a current photo of all the children in our care on file, so we’re ready to assist the police with as much information as possible. Please contact us if you have questions about the safety measures in place at Buddings.

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