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Daycare Policies


Families may book up to 40 hours of childcare per month, anytime.

Whether it’s a client meeting, doctor’s appointment, or you just need some time alone, Buddings is your flexible, occasional childcare option. No need to call all the baby-sitters in the neighbourhood, or worry about getting out of the house on time. Just log in, reserve the time, and get going. Your time at Buddings can be as spontaneous or as regular as you want, and you can book up to 40 hours a month, with as little as one hour’s notice, or as much as three months in advance.

Flexible access to flexible care – for as little as $10/mo.!

Buddings members have access to our online booking calendar and convenient web portal to purchase and book licensed educational childcare with as little as one hour’s notice. The $10/monthly membership fee covers swipe cards for the doors, web account maintenance and upkeep, photo collections, tax receipts, and everything you need to access our centre and service. Your membership is per family, and hours can be purchased independently for up to 4 children per family.

Occasional Membership – $10/mo. and $20/hour – buy hours when you need them, and come in when you want. Perfect for families looking for back-up or emergency care, and easy to switch to a cheaper hourly level whenever you need.

Regular Membership – $60/mo. + $15/hour – includes FREE Integration Program and saves families money when they purchase 11 hours or more per month.

Regardless of type, owing membership fees are automatically deducted, in advance, on the 25th of the month from the credit card on file.

To switch your membership type, or to cancel completely, simply return the Switch/Exit Form to us by the 15th of your last month. Cancelation forms received after the 15th but before the 25th will be billed $30. Forms received after the 25th will be switch/canceled the following month.

Rolling hours to the next month.

For so long as you maintain your membership with us, we will make sure you can use the hours you’ve purchased. If you have left-over hours at the end of the month, we will move forward for you, minus an administrative cost of two hours. They will be available for booking on the 1st of the new month.

Refunds may be issued for months that have not yet begun

Once the month has begun, any hours you have purchased (or hours that have been rolled forward for you) are available to be booked whenever you need them. They are not available to anyone else, and we cannot take them back. We do not issue refunds for hours in a month that is in progress.

Available spots are released in waves, so there’s always a second chance to book the time you need.

At the start of the season, 80% of the spots for each day are released for booking, and if you’re super organized, and make your payments beforehand, you can book your time up to three months in advance. But not everyone has their lives planned out that far, and emergencies happen.

The final 20% of spots for each day become available at midnight, 2 days before, but teachers can access those spots anytime. So if you really need that Thursday afternoon spot next week, and it’s already full, give us a call, or check back after midnight on Tuesday to book one of the extra spots.

Bookings can be made with as little as one hour’s notice, and reservations can be extended while in progress.

When something really does pop up, you can count on Buddings to be as flexible as you are. As long as we have spots available, families are welcome to book them, with as little one hour’s notice.

There is no penalty for cancelling or changing your reservation.

Plans change, and so does Buddings. With as little as one hour’s notice you can cancel your bookings as easily as you make them, with no penalty for changing your mind! Of course, if you were holding a spot for an hour that has filled up, other families may have had to change plans, so please be considerate and try to only book the hours you need.

Early Drop-Offs.

If you and your child arrive at Buddings before your scheduled time, check in with reception. If we have space, it’s no problem to drop off your child up to 10 minutes early, free of charge. For more than 10 minutes, we ask you to book into the previous hour.

Late Pick-Ups.

At the other end of the visit, you have 10 minutes there, too. Booked hours include the 10 minutes before and after the hour, and we always keep spaces to accommodate families who are running a little late. After 10 past, we will book you into the next hour. A staff membership will mention this to you when you arrive, and you will be asked to sign your acknowledgment.

Receipts for tax purposes.

Everytime you make a purchase from the Buddings Account, you will receive a receipt emailed to the address on file. Annually, in February, we produce tax summaries of the fees received for the previous year. Membership fees and snacks are not tax deductible. If you have not received your Tax Summary by the 15th of February, please get in touch.

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