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Scientific Discoveries

January 12, 2014
Written by: Johanna

Real science is about discovering, and there is nothing more delightful than discovering through the eyes of a child.  In December, we all donned the role of scientist, and the month became about magic and surprises.


What better way to begin a month of magic, than by making our very own Christmas potions?  Combining food colouring, water, baby oil, christmas trees, santas, sparkles, gems and other goodies, the kids then individualized their potions by infusing their bottles with a Christmas wish. Some of the kids wished for successful Christmas parties, others for fun with friends, and one little boy wished for a kiss from the sky and the earth.  The magic about wishes, is that you don’t even have to wait for them to come true.  They already fill you with joy and excitement, just by thinking about them.

Goggles in hand, we also discovered another kind of magic ― chemical reactions!  Simply by adding two ingredients, vinegar and baking soda, our balloons magically inflated all by themselves!  That sure made us feel pretty powerful…

Last, but not least, we played with colour, mixing colours and making them dance.  Who knew that cooking cornstarch, sugar and water would create a gel-like substance that you can use for colour mixing experiments?  We took turns being colour alchemists, mixing different primary colours to see what new colours we could create.  Next we made colours dance, by adding food colouring to milk, and then taking turns to add dish soap, drop by drop.  The colours started to swirl and mix before our eyes, as if by magic and the kids delighted in this colourful display!

Science month proved to be filled with dazzle, discovery and delight.  Mixed with the magic of Christmas, it was one of my favourite months yet!  Hopefully this month’s transportation theme can transport us to equally fun-filled and uncharted adventures!

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