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March 26, 2013
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RIP fishy fishy 🙁

In the last two weeks, after adding the rockwool containing the seeds, three fish have died. The two cleaner fish, and one tetra. I have been testing the water quality as I do anything and it seems to be staying stable so I am not sure as to what happened. Time to check with the experts. I headed down to visit the boys at Aquariums West, alas there have been no conclusions as to the cause. Apparently the cleaner fish I had, in particular, are very sensitive and the tetra may or may not have been connected. This left me with two bloodfin tetras. The advice given after hearing the constant water quality, length of time for the tank to be set up and what we have in the tank, was to add more fish. This will help in sustaining the water quality with the volume of water flow.

On March 17, 2013 I brought in six cherry barbs. On March 24 I added four glass cats, one long fin ancistrus, and one albino rainbow shark. Yup, a real (tiny) shark!

The tank is much more interesting to watch.

I have been told that the recommended quantity of fish is one inch of fish per gallon of water. With this particular project, wanting to produce fish waste to experiment with growing plants, I will try to maximize that number of fish in a safe environment. The kids are loving all the new fish and the attention we are giving the tank with entire aquaponics system. It has been fun in just teaching the names of the fish and it will be exciting to add more colour next week.


About the plants…..

It turns out that the cauliflower is loving its environment. It sprouted in days and is growing very rapidly. The beans on the other hand are not as successful. A soul sprout is emerging now, after just about two weeks. I have not lost faith but there has been a white foamy substance emerge on some of the seeds, that have been squeezed up from the rockwool as it absorbed the water. I am fearing that it is some kind of mold. They may have been too deep in the water. After this first round of testing, I think the biggest change I will make from the first, will be the positioning of the “rows” of seeds. For water flow reasons, the tray does not sit level. I will have to add the depth of the seed in the rockwool, and the water as a measurement for testing.

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