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Big Kids Club Presents: #DecemberMysteries

November 27, 2016
Written by: Talia

The holidays are a cause for excitement, and our multi-cultural city has tons of celebrations to explore, which raises some questions…

Why are there so many holidays in December, anyway?

What do all the symbols mean?

And what traditions can we all share, without creating waste, to make the season special?

This month, we’re putting the holidays under a microscope, and looking for the true meanings behind a modern “Christmas Season.”

Is it religious? Is it magical? A time to give, or a time to shop?

#DecemberMysteries – Dec. 5 – 23

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Each day, our Big Kids Club teachers will lead an afternoon adventure into the reasons behind some of the season’s most important traditions, through fieldtrips and storytelling, cooking and crafts.

On Thursdays, Isabel and the kids will take to the streets, with a fieldtrip class to interview Vancouverites about holiday ideas that are fun and free. And to try some out, as well!

Ehlssie takes over Tuesdays and deep dives into her Philippine traditions, here in Canada, and on the archipelago. Did you know there are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines? Do you know anything about the Philippines? Get ready to learn, as our newest Big Kid leader introduces her native land.

Johanna, Sarah, and Talia will be tackling their own burning questions, including what’s up with reindeer? What are sugar plums? And what if life really was a box of chocolate? Who would eat it?

Who wouldn’t? People love chocolate, and we love to share.

#DecemberMysteries is a fun and fact-filled ride through the questions of the season. So sign up! Big Kids Club runs every afternoon from 1 – 4pm, until Dec. 23.

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