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Surprise! Spring Season Launches – Apr. 11

April 1, 2016
Written by: Talia

Buddings is almost 5 years old, and I feel like the program, and the model is really starting to gel. It must be! We’ve been accepting tonnes of new families, facilitating new friendships, and creating millions of projects. Almost too many to report…

Now that it’s spring, the days are getting longer, but with all these kids, I feel like I’ve been getting less and less done…

One of the best things about being a bit more established – scratch that – The BEST thing about being an established Buddings is the time the teaching team has had to come together. We have an amazing group of educators, with a huge range of interests and talents, and the Spring season is going to make use of every single one!

Check out the line up!






Johanna Peters

Denet Albores

Isabel Socorro Bravo

Sarah MacDonald

Lara Blacklock &   Talia Erickson

There are a few special features that are really exciting:

1. JOHANNA PETERS is BACK!!!!! AHAHAHAHA! This is going to be awesome!

Johanna is an art teacher with 4Cats Arts Studio, a yoga practitioner trained especially in children’s body movement, and an experienced Big Kids Club teacher. In fact, in 2013, she helped to create our connection-based curriculum. Her class is about what happens when the Sun Shines. Join her on Mondays to find out!

2. Our winter intern Isabel Socorro Bravo made a slam dunk of her training and experience work, and jumps headfirst into our programming pool, with her own special interest in photography to our preschoolers. Eye, Light, Camera is about the way our physical eye can be understood, philosophically. For kids!

3. Lara and I are joining forces for a fieldtrip-intensive Friday class all about getting things done.

Chances are our most experienced teachers, Sarah and Denet, will blast their topics into the stratosphere (especially Denet’s Space class ;)) and the blogs will have all the updates.

The Spring Season runs from April 11 – June 30, 2016, every single afternoon, from 1 – 4pm.

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