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Teaching Adventures

January 28, 2013
Written by: Johanna

The new year has brought on a new role for me as an official employee and teacherof the preschoolers’ program at Buddings! It’s been a smooth transition in many ways as Buddings became like a second home to me during my four month internship last year. However, my new role as teacher and programmer of our brand new preschoolers’ program has brought with it a whole new set of challenges and opportunities.

Running a separate program for the 3 – 5s amidst the regular goings-on of the daycare isn’t always easy, but having our own special room definitely helps. We’ve started to feel very much at home in our new room and routine. Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday it comes alive with the five preschoolers who fill it with their laughter, games, art and stories.

With five very different personalities in our new program, we wanted to spend some time getting the kids used to the routines and getting to know each other. January has been ‘All About Me’, as we’ve been sharing stories about how we get to daycare, what’s important to us, what we like, as well as spending lots of time talking about how we feel – and then making snacks of our emotions… and eating them!


The kids have loved telling stories on the felt board with the felt people they decorated, and we’ve been busy decorating the room with cut-outs of our hands on the wall and coloured silhouettes of our bodies on the windows.


It’s amazing to see the kids share in the excitement of these activities, and to witness strong bonds and friendships already starting to develop between them. This month has just barely given me a taste of what’s possible, and I’m so excited to embark on ‘A Winter Journey’ with the kids in February!

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