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Testing For Leaks

February 18, 2013
Written by: admin

The water isn’t leaking! Yay! How exciting. It was a bit of a process but I have attached the plumbing lines into the planter tray and have a make-shift bucket system set up with the pump cycling the water to test for leaks and check for functionality. Yup, water goes up, water comes down. Simple.


It took longer than expected. An extra day. As I was plotting my plumbing lines I forgot to take into account that different types of materials are measured differently from there labeled size. Sometimes its the inner measurement, sometimes it’s the outside to outside measurement. In any case, I cut my holes 1/8” too big meaning I was going to have to adjust the plumbing line sizes to compensate. I was working late into the evening after Buddings was closed and by that time, HD was closing. They let me return all the materials I had purchased, which is one of that box stores’ great features, but there was no time to replace all that I needed.

It turned out, that in the adjustment, making everything bigger, actually brought it to a normal plumbing size, making everything cheaper. Nice! I replaced everything, and got a new hole saw and still saved $2. I love new tools, I was happy.

New, 2” holes cut, 2” to 3/4” threaded plug siliconed in, drying…….. Another day passes.

Now that everything is dried in place, all I have to do is screw in the tubes, attach the pump, and add water…… Oh dear 🙁 In trying to snug the tubes in tight, I broke the seal of the silicon. Shoot! Another day of waiting.

Ok, much more carefully this time, the plumbing is installed and my practice run is running. I will cycle the water clear for a couple days to make sure that the system is functioning properly, not to put my fish into danger. After a couple days, I will drain the water and replace it with fresh water and add a product call Stability, which will help to establish the very important Bio-Filter in the tank. Before draining this “test water” I will test it for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate & General Hardness so that I can get an idea of what to expect after. I will be logging the testing and will hopefully, eventually, be able to formulate some experiments with plants for best production of growth. For now, I will take it one step at a time….. Time to fill the tank!

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