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The Art of Storytelling

March 10, 2013
Written by: Johanna

Kids are a walking story waiting to be told.  They are bursting to share experiences and discoveries, and are so willing to share in the possibility of new adventures, provided you offer the opportunity for rich story-telling and imaginative play.

Last week, we finished telling the story of winter (in the hopes of telling a new story next month about spring emerging…).  In our last week of “A Winter Journey”, we told a story about the changing of the seasons, and shared our own personal stories, what we love about each season.

The kids were then given an opporunity to depict their favourite season in pictures and textures, just another way to tell a story…


This month, we are onto new stories as we travel the world on our magic carpet!  March’s “Around the World” theme offers us the opportunity to explore the stories of the world, its people and its cultures.

The first story we told was of granny and her magic carpet, through the story “My Granny Went to Market”, by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr.  To add imagination and life to the story, I dressed up as granny, decorated the preschool room in bright fabrics, and gifted the kids a magic carpet to use on their own journey around the world.

The kids have now adopted the magic carpet as their own, and have been telling me all about the places they want the magic carpet to take them to, what it will be like when we get there, and what we need to take with us on the journey.


Our first week of magic carpet rides ended with a journey to one of my favourite countriesIndia.  We first told stories and imagined what India would be like, and then got to smell, hear and taste bits of India as the kids helped me make a vegetable curry, using traditional Indian spices, while sounds of Ravi Shankar’s sitar played in the background.

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