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The Big Move

March 4, 2013
Written by: admin

The fish are swimming, the lights are lighting, the water is flowing and the bio-filter is bio-ing. Everything is functioning as it should and there have been no hiccups thus far. The kids seem to be enjoying having something in the water to watch now, other than the rock turtle that had been its sole inhabitant from the beginning, although it still gets as much attention as the live fish in the tank.

I never did drain the water that was in the tank for testing the cycle originally, as planned. In testing the water quality, I found that it would be safe for the fish to move them in. The Bloom kids and a couple of their flexible Buddies got to help in the move on Wednesday, February 27th and have since been intrigued, watching them in their new home, under a new light.

I have picked up some rock wool that I will be using in the planter tray to sprout the seeds. After picking it up from Pacific Northwest Garden Supply and showing them some pictures of my creation, I thought I might as well swing by and show Albert from Multiplex Aquarium & Pet Supplies down the street the pictures as well, since I bought the pump from them. He ever so kindly congratulated me on it going well so far but reminded me of my worst fear, which is the flooding and that if the power were to surge or cut out, it will get messy, but mentioning his recognition of “my good brain,” that he believes I will figure something out…… I will have to continue to think about it.

I’m looking forward to adding the garden to the equation. I’m still not %100 percent as to what I will start to grow first, I think lettuce. Then the next step will be fish shopping. I need more bi-product so will need more fish!

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