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The Sun Mother’s Magical Creatures

March 26, 2015
Written by: Johanna

Introducing: Drago the Dragon – a Journeying, Storytelling Dragon!

The Tuesday kids and I have been having a lot of fun this month following Drago on his story adventures. We’ve been spending the month focusing on one story in particular from my favourite book of worldly myths: The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales. 

This story is a creation myth from Australia called “The Sun Mother”. We revised the story slightly in our telling of it, but essentially it goes something like this:

A long, long time ago, the earth was in darkness and everything on the earth was fast asleep. At this point the kids pretend to fall fast asleep. Snoring peacefully…

Until one day, the Sun Mother decided it was time to bring the earth to life.

As she steps onto the earth, one step, two step, the earth begins to warm and awaken. The trees, flowers and all the plants come to life first.  The kids begin to grow roots deep into the soil and slowly with the warmth and light of the Sun Mother, they begin to grow. First a little sproutling pops out of the earth, but it continues to grow up and up and up and before you know it the children have transformed into a forest of trees and flowers.

Once we have created the forest, the children must fall fast asleep again to see what the Sun Mother will bring to life next. Now that the Sun Mother has awakened the green and growing things, it is time to awaken the insects, birds and animals. She enters the first cave where they are softly sleeping. The kids then take turns waking-up and turning into all sorts of living creatures: birds, bees, lions, tigers, dolphins, whales, butterflies, elephants, as many different creatures as we can think of! The earth is now not only teeming with greenery, but also with the sights and sounds of myriad creatures on land, in the air and in the water. What a sight!

Finally, the children fall asleep for the last time. Now that all the insects and animals are awake, the Sun Mother’s job is almost done. But can you guess what comes last? Is there anything missing from this picture?

Oh, of course, the humans! The Sun Mother enters the last dark cave to awaken all the sleeping humans who yawn and stretch and slowly come to life. Finally, once they are awake, the Sun Mother gives them a very important task: it is their job to take care of the earth with all of its growing, walking, swimming, and flying things. And of course the humans must take care of each other too!

This story took us on some pretty interesting adventures, including to Aquariums West, where we got to see first hand the diversity of some of the earth’s creatures. 

Rodents, toads, lizards, and fish galore!

Join us for next season’s Big Kids Club, on Tuesdays or Fridays where Drago and I will be taking the kids on story journeys. And stay tuned to find out the stories we will be exploring in April!

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