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Autumn Harvest: Cranberry Season!

November 17, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

November is a month when those red, plump, tart cranberries are in season! So what did we make with them?

Cranberry bread!

It was a fantastic, simple and easy to follow recipe. We substituted the butter and milk for soy milk and vegan margarine so everyone could enjoy it!


Our Big Kids did everything, from bringing the ingredients, combining the wet and dry ingredients, kneading, filling and rolling up their bread! I handed each Big Kid their own piece of dough to knead. Since they’re already experts with play-dough, getting our Big Kids to knead wasn’t that hard! All those skills learned with play-dough went right into baking!

While waiting for our dough to rise, it gave our Big Kids some time to play on their own and for me to prep the next step (the filling).

You must be worried about germs because we’re touching toys around the daycare and then touching the dough that we’ll eventually be eating. This created a perfect opportunity for me to teach the Big Kids about proper hygiene and food safety!

Every time we would have a break in between, or someone took their shoes off and played with their socks (this really happened), we would get them to wash their hands. They’d often respond with “I already washed my hands!”, which is true, but it gave me a chance to explain why they needed to wash them again. We washed our hands at least 5 times!

The Big Kids got to fill and wrap their own individual buns! The muffin tins were great to separate and individualize everyone’s baking. It was great to send them home with something they created themselves to share with their parents. They were all proud of their baked goods!


Here are some before and after pictures!


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Learning About Yeast

July 20, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

For our Tuesday Big Kid’s Club this season, our focus is on summer picnics. We decided to make a picnic friendly snack: pretzels. Pretzels are easy to make, pack, transport and are generally enjoyed by children. This was also a great opportunity for us to explore an important ingredient that we can find in bread products, yeast!

Before starting the pretzel making, we combined water, sugar and yeast in a water bottle with a deflated balloon at the mouth. We went over that the yeast eats sugar to produce gas, which helps make our pretzels rise. It was fun for us to watch the balloon being blown up by the yeast which happened within 30 minutes!










We first had to activate the yeast with warm water and sugar, just like our balloon experiment.










Everyone was eager to get hands-on with the pretzel making. They did an amazing job pouring, mixing, kneading and waiting for the yeast to do its job!










And Ta-Da! Their pretzels came our delicious and yummy. They were so proud to show off their creation to their parents.










Feel free to try this recipe at home and join us on Tuesdays to learn more about food!

Beetroot Challenge

May 9, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of baking with our friends at Buddings. Looking through the pantry, we decided to make use of the bag of beetroots we had. The challenge was to somehow incorporate beetroots into baking. We eventually decided on a chocolate beetroot muffin recipe that turned out amazing. If you try this recipe at home, you don’t need to add chocolate chips for it to be amazing! We left out the chocolate chips since we ran out of them in our pantry.










Going through all the supplies we stumbled upon doughnut pans, so why not make them doughnut shaped?

This brought the excitement to another level. One of the bigger friends would explain to the parents and other teachers what we were making. She would say something like this:

“We’re making muffins! Muffins shaped like donuts! Made with beets! And we worked together as a team!”

Excitement grew when we decided that the doughnuts needed to be decorated with chocolate icing and sprinkles! The icing gave the doughnuts the right amount of sweetness since the doughnut itself was a bit on the conservative side of sweetness.










The donuts were a big hit with everyone at the daycare and with the families that came for orientation day. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it, especially the ones who helped finish them!










Join us on Saturdays at Buddings for more baking surprises!


Mmm, Cookies!

April 3, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

Last Saturday was April 1st, meaning it was April Fool’s Day! To celebrate the first day of April, we decided to do a take on Robert Munsch’s book, “Mmm, Cookies!”.










For those of you who don’t know the story, the protagonist fooled others into eating a cookie made of play-clay. Eventually, he gets fooled into eating one himself and the story ends with everyone enjoying real, edible cookies. So, in the spirit of April Fools, we decided to make our own play-clay cookies!










After we made our play-clay cookies, the little bakers were ready to make the edible ones! They worked together and took a turn adding and stirring in ingredients. Always curious and learning, the little bakers used their senses to smell the batter after every step. Once the vanilla was added, in the smell breaks were even more frequent!










We decided to make funfetti cookies because who doesn’t love sprinkles? Although they enjoyed making play-cookies, these little bakers enjoyed real cookie dough even more!










While the cookies were in the oven, the smell of freshly baked cookies started to fill the daycare (yum!). Everyone at daycare couldn’t resist having one for themselves. The little bakers were so proud of their cookies that they made sure to save some for their parents.










Join us every Saturday at Buddings for more baking activities like this!

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