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It’s all about Awareness

November 13, 2016
Written by Isa sildenafila citrato 50mg arithromycin

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  1. Smile (all the time), people with “eye” super powers can sense if we smile or not.
  2. Say hello (we can ask why the wheelchair, with a nice smile of course).
  3. Ask if they need any help.
  4. Make sure you say good bye!

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Our first class finally happened!!

October 2, 2016
Written by Isa

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Superhero School’s story by Aaron Reynolds was the best way to get our big kids into the use of our senses and how important they are. Leonard, the kid in the story, is no ordinary kid—he’s enrolled in Superhero School, where leaping tall buildings in a single bound is considered child’s play but also it’s a place where a lot of kids with “special powers” attend. Some of them can’t use their eyes, so they have X-ray vision, others can’t use their legs so they have Titanium legs. Here’re some cool images from the book + link with info:

As soon as we finished reading this amazing story, we jumped into our hands-on activity called “Five Senses Self-Portrait” which consisted on using different objects to identify the 5 senses of the human body and how we relate each of them to something we can see over the table (using our eyes 😀 ).

These kids are so smart! … I asked them something short: “Tell me something about any of your senses” (I performed a few charades along with my question, of course) and their questions were so accurate and impressive that I had to take note of them so I could share them afterwards. Here they are 😆

Sylvie: “I don’t like spicy smells”.

Will: “We can taste food because of our tongue”, “Is that sandpaper?”.

Carter: “I can see small eyes in the table”.

Max: “I like the smell of flowers”.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We began our portrait by adding our face, our 2 eyes, our mouth, our nose (with a cute little cotton ball) 2 ears and 2 hands! … waited a little for the glue to dry well and enjoyed feeling our portrait. It’s amazing!, this activity encouraged all the big kids to explore their senses, the hands were #1 in the class though, because they were made out of sandpaper, but everybody had so much fun 😆

For our next class (Oct 6th), we’ll start our exploration on the human body’s senses & alternate abilities and get ready for our upcoming fieldtrip on October 13th to SportAbility of BC right on Marine Drive.

See you soon! 😉

Learn a new Super Power on Thursdays!

September 4, 2016
Written by Isa

For some of you, summer was as fast as light…but for me, this summer was definitely a slow one.

Back in July, I injured my right knee and spent almost the entire month in a wheelchair, then switched to crutches in August and now I’m finding my way back on my two feet, which still hurts and there’s still a long way to go until I’m fully recovered, but that doesn’t mean I’m disabled!

It just means that I was able to develop a new alternate ability (along with a whole new package of patience) and now, my arms and my left leg are so strong that I can’t believe it!

Did you know that almost 90% of the people with a disability or let’s say: alternate ability can develop a great power in them? oh yes! it happens!

For kids, this happens much faster, in fact, they are more apt to learn all sorts of things if they are exposed to consistent multisensory experiences like using their sense of touch and smell (if visually impared) or just having someone to help.

Now, kids can be very curious if they are in front of someone with an alternate ability and that’s why I want to help them explore ways to sensitively communicate with other kids with any “super power”.

From a personal perspective and after being in a wheelchair, I have to say that kids need to be taught how to interact with others who may act or look different. Join us every thursday from 1 – 4 in a multisensory experience, where we’ll explore from our senses to all the different types of physical – mental conditions or let’s just call it: Super Powers!



Super Powers

August 23, 2016
Written by Talia

If you’ve been at Buddings this summer, you might have noticed that Isabel Socorro Bravo… was in a wheelchair! Omgoodness!

In fact, Isabel has known a few people in wheelchairs, some with alternative abilities, and even before her knee injury (healing, now, thankfully) the rainbow of differences among people’s powers has been a topic close to her heart.

This season, she shares some perspective with the kids. They are curious, and there’s so much to cover. The senses of the human body are part of our evolution, and they help to create our understanding of the world, and people who have different abilities find all kinds of ways of making it work. Find out more by joining them, Thursdays from 1 – 4pm.

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