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Field trip to the dentist!

March 23, 2016
Written by Denet

What have our Big Kids been doing on the last weeks? Now we are talking about our bodies! It’s been fun getting to know how our bodies work.

We’ve done different experiments and even cooked fun snacks that look like mouths. Yeah, last Tuesday children learned about their teeth and why we should take care of them. We learned that each tooth is called in a different way depending on the way they look. We have the incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Heron, Asher and Mason helped me drew the different teeth on a big piece of paper for everyone to see. Even Emily, who was a little bit sleepy and not feeling very well, wanted to draw a tooth as well. Well done guys!

We compared our teeth to those of a lion and a bunny. A tiger’s big canines help him hunt and eat meat while a rabbit’s teeth are made specially to cut grass and vegetables, therefor, he has big incisors.

To end up our BKC session we made this fun snack idea I took from one of Talia’s classes when she was talking about sharks’ teeth. It was, healthy (Apples) and maybe not as healthy (marshmallows and one dark chocolate.) The dark chocolate represented what happens to our teeth if we don’t brush them, they loose their shinny nice color.

On Tuesday, we head to Star Dental and we met with some very nice ladies that welcome us and had prepared a very fun experience for us. They thought us so many things about our teeth.

The first thing they did as soon as we arrived there was to give my big fieldtrip experts of the day:  Maksim, Asher, and Dez some small containers to make bubbles.

They showed us the dentist’s office and even though Maksim said that the dentist made him a little bit nervous he seemed like he was having a good time. He was very participative and couldn’t wait to start making some bubbles. But… before that, they each took a turn sitting on the special chair they had there. It was a very fun chair since it could bend in so many ways and go very high or very low. The first one to go was Dez so Maksim and Asher were very excited to go next but waited patiently.

They wore special sunglasses which protect their eyes from the bright light that dentists use when checking their teeth. When one of the ladies asked Maksim how many teeth he thought he has, his answer was “40” but we found out that he actually has 20 teeth in total. When these children grow up though, they will have a total of 32 grown up teeth!

After learning about the different kind of instruments they use to check and fix our teeth, it was finally time to make some bubbles. They all started to make so many bubbles so the bubbles brought the attention of the tooth fairy! She was wearing her awesome sparkly fairy clothes and she was very excited to teach us the correct way to brush our teeth. She brought with her a special friend, “Mr. Crocodile.”

He had a very very nice smile and I believe Maksim really liked him because he asked one of the ladies if he could take him home. Unfortunately, the answer was a no. Mr. Crocodile needed to stay there since it helps a lot of children learn how to brush their teeth.

After that, they had their thumbs made in a special material used when they want to take a mold of people’s teeth. While they waited for them to dry, we all listened to some fun stories about teeth. At the end of our visit, they all got a special gift with stickers, tooth paste, and a tooth brush.

Thanks Star Dental. We had a great time!

Big Kids’ Club with Polly the fairy!

March 1, 2016
Written by Denet

Every Tuesday in Big Kids Club, the kids and I have been learning all about ourselves but…We haven’t done this alone.

Have you guys heard about Polly the fairy?

She joined our Big Kids Club when I came back from Mexico. She might have got into my backpack without me even noticing it but either way she has been of a lot of help for us. She has become more and more popular every week.

All of our regular Tuesday kids (Heron, Vivienne, Dez, and the list goes on..) know who she is and have been searching for her letters every afternoon at 1 o clock.

I have to say that’s my favourite part of my Big Kids Club.

“Guys, should we go check if we got a new letter from Polly?” I ask.

“Yeah!” They yell with excitement and run to the main Budding’s door to find it. Sometimes she likes to hide them very well so we have to look for a couple minutes. Then, a loud voice says: ” I found it guys. I found it!”

Once the letter is found, it’s time for us to go back to Big Kids Club room and read it together. Every time she has something new to tell us. She either needs help with something, or wants to learn something new.

Lately, Polly has been curious about “Families.”

Heron, Isabella and I went down to the library to get a bunch of books that talked about families. Heron and Isabella got a little bit distracted with books about robots so I let them bring a book about robots as well.

From our family books we learned that every family is different and live in different ways. We learned that every family lives in a different house. Polly the fairy lives in the woods and even though we haven’t seen her (or her house) we have been reading about fairies and we kind of have an idea of where she might live.

While learning about families and different types of homes, we came with the  idea of building our own house. Everyone’s house was different and Dez and Heron were very into their art project.

This is Heron’s house, and that’s his new dog, of course.

He got a new puppy recently so he wanted to include it in his project. Heron explained to me every part of his project, from the floor to the ceiling. We even did a small potty and sang the Budding’s potty song together: “Pee, pee, pee, (name)  has to pee, (name) is a big boy and he pees on the potty.”

It was nice listening to their families’ stories and building houses together. Join us on our new adventure at BKC. We will be learning all about our amazing bodies!

“All About Me”

January 19, 2016
Written by Denet

Winter 2016 is a new learning season at Buddings and the teachers have new directions for Big Kids Club.

My class is staying on Tuesdays, from 1 to 4 pm, and with the new year, my new class will be called “All About Me”. Our friend Polly the fairy has decided to stay in Vancouver for the winter, and since we all love her so much, she will keep us sending letters.

In “All About Me,” children will be talking about themselves, and we’re focusing on social skills, especially especially, especially… confidence, which is super important.

Our twelve weeks will be divided into four different topics:

1. My 2016 Year

Last week was the first “All About Me” Tuesday topic and children learned about resolutions and they made a collage to explain their resolutions for 2016. Simon said he wanted a blue pet and mentioned he wanted to go on a field trip with his cousins.

During these first weeks children will learn the different ways people celebrate the new year around the world and we will be having some different craft activities depending on the country we are learning about. They will learn about diversity in a fun way – by making crafts.

2. All Families are Special

Families are the most important thing in everyone’s lives and at Buddings we know that! We know as well that every family is different and that’s what makes them special. We will be reading The Family Book by Todd Parr. This is one of my favourite books at Buddings and it is more even special because one of our buddies, Maksim, gave it to us as a gift so we can learn more about all the different types of families together.

We will be making lots of crafts as we learn to make a family tree, answer about why families are important, and the children will make (and listen to) presentations about their families.

3. This is Me

Children will be talking about themselves a lot. In March, we will be bringing a shoe box (which they can decorate, of course) and inside their super special box will be things that are special for them and they will explain why it is special in front of their friends. It could be a toy, a photo, a small rock, anything that fits inside the box and as many things they want to bring. Children will practice listening to others and will learn that we all like or dislike different things but that’s what makes us unique and special.

4. Feelings

At such a young age, it is hard for some children to express what they are feeling. Therefor, on our last weeks in “All About Me,” children will practice ways of expressing themselves by using words and even sign language.

Yeah, we will be learning some sign language to learn the different ways in which people can communicate what they are feeling or thinking.

They will be learning as well ways in which they could make themselves feel better when they are upset, angry, or sad about something.

Going for a walk, talking about it, telling a teacher or their parents, throwing soft balls, those are some of the things that can help.

Don’t miss out our next “All About Me” Big Kids Club next Tuesday from 1-4 for more learning adventures. Our weekly program has fieldtrips every week, and next week the Tuesday kids and I will be having our first fieldtrip to the Vancouver Public Library to grab some books about resolutions and families. See you there!

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