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Saturday Space Travel: From the Moon to Mars!

October 27, 2017
Written by Kezia Antholyka

MISSION REPORT: After weeks of simulation training and rocketship building, our mini astronauts were ready for blast off! Our first destination: The Moon.

Soon after blast-off, we received a distress signal from a lonely astronaut, named Kylie by our buddies, who has lost her spaceship on the moon. We drove our spaceship closer to try and find Kylie but all Hannah could see was a giant grey rock covered with dark spots. “Are the holes pumpkins?” asked Mattis as he steered us closer, so we could land and investigate this theory.

We found out that the dark spots are craters caused by flying asteroids! Well, who would’ve thought that it wasn’t caused by a giant alien stepping on it, as Mattis suggested.

As soon as everybody had a turn in creating their own crater on the surface of our pink-playdough moon, we went back to business and tracked down our new friend Kylie. When we found her, she told us that her spaceship had been destroyed by an asteroid, and now she couldn’t go home! Oh No! Being the caring and thoughtful Big Kids of Buddings that we are, we decided to help Kylie and built her a real flying rocketship (and a few extras just in case).

Just like that, we were ready for our second Count-down To Blastoff song for the day. Off back home we went, and that’s the end of our Mission Report.

Uh oh, Buddings Astronauts … There must’ve been some error in our calculation because the earth wasn’t supposed to be red and dusty. I think that we’ve accidentally landed on Mars! Well, now that we’re stuck on Mars for a while, why don’t we try to find some more friends on this new adventure? Surely there must be some kind of life on Mars.

Join us this Saturday at 10-1pm for an alien-themed adventure to get us in the mood for Halloween! Is there life out there, in the vast dark corners of the Universe?

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