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Catching Up On Autumn Harvest

September 22, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai


This season’s Tuesday Big Kids Club (BKC) is about the autumn harvest! We’re going on fieldtrips to the farm and learning about farm animals, produce that are in season and how to prepare them.

The first week of September was when the new season of BKC started. It still felt like summer, hot and smoky from the BC forest fires, but because of our denial that summer was ending, we decided to make mock apple pie! Mock apple pie became popular during the Depression because apples were hard to come by so they used crackers instead! For the recipe and more information on the pie click this link.




The second week of September, we had our first trip to the UBC Farm! On our way to see the chickens we stumbled upon people harvesting fall crops such as beans and pumpkins. Eventually we found the chicken coop and had a little snack while watching all the chickens start scrambling closer to us.



Upon our trek out of the farm, we discovered a section devoted to all kinds of apples. With all these apples ready to be picked, there was no denying that summer was over. Emily’s interest in these apples prompted our exploration of apples in last week’s class “All About Apples.” 






Our”All About Apples” class taught our budding food experts (and perhaps most honest judges) about the different types of apples and what we can make with apples. I had prepared four different types of apples for us to try. After going through each apple and our opinions about how they each tasted, we played a little game. They had to match the slice to the correct apple. The result?

They got 100% of them right! They were able to remember the descriptions we gave to each apple. This game is great way to engage your five senses.

With those apple slices we decided to make not one but two apple treats! We made some apple galettes and apple spiced cookies (pictured above). They were both a hit and made Buddings smell delicious all afternoon!

Baking is such a helpful tool to teach children about space, measurement and the food that they’re eating. Last week, I was able to see big improvements in the Big Kids I’ve had the pleasure of baking with over the course of a few weeks.  Being able to crack an egg without getting any shells in the batter is a huge accomplishment! 

Join us this coming Tuesday from 1-5pm as we visit the farm to see what’s being harvested!


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