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The Journey of Bugs

May 8, 2017
Written by Sharmila


What a fantastic crew of kids we have this season at Big Kids Club. We are thriving with lots of fun activities and learning about different animals and their babies.

We started exploring the journey of ladybugs and learned about their life cycle and stages. The kids were excited to know different facts such as the food ladybugs eat and how can we differentiate male and female ladybugs. We also read a book known as ‘The Grouchy Ladybug’ by Eric Carle and continued by searching a ladybug at Charleston Park for the field trip.

The children were excited to have a closure look at different bugs through the light box and it helped the children to enhance their sensory learning and develop creative ideas in the class. Kids explored the bugs by seeing through magnifying glasses or colorful glass windows.

During the preparation for the class I looked into facts about the importance of honey bees and according to the research, 90% of certain crops are dependent on pollination and farmers often have bee hives transported and then placed on their farm to provide pollination for their crops. Learning about how important these bugs are for mother earth helped children to develop their love for nature. We also brainstormed great ideas such, as growing flowers, planting more trees, which helps honey bees for their pollination and ultimately benefits the environment.

The most fun part of the class was when wiggly worms joined us at the big kids club and our big kid buddies helped to make a wormery in the class. We talked about vermiculture and how worms help us to grow plants. They are also known as the best friend of farmers.

Later we had fun with spiders and the puppet show of ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle, which filled the class with excitement. The kids were thrilled with learning about how spider make babies and how does the mother spider take care of the 1000’s of eggs by spinning its own web on the egg sac. During the class activity, children were taking care of the egg sac we made in the class and displayed care and safety for it. I was amazed listening to their conversation and actions they took to help the mother spider. Bringing these kinds of ideas with children helps them to enhance their learning domains and inspires them to learn more.

Of course DIY!!!

The spring activities were boomed with DIY art using recycle and waste material in the classroom. The children used their own ideas while making a garden for the ladybug using the grocery cardboard box. We used yogurt containers for the wiggly worms and egg cartons while making a spider art. Check out our Instagram about how children made the spider web using wool and paper plates.Certain activities in the class helped children to develop their fine motor skills and were so simple to plan for kids using the easily available material.We will be continuing with more fun filled activities and exploring the new learning of different bugs and animals.


Stay tuned to learn about…


Fantastic Animals…!

April 5, 2017
Written by Sharmila

spring is coming, spring is coming/
birdies build your nest/
weave together straw and feather/
doing each your best/

spring is coming, spring is coming……la la la la la la.

I still remember these rhymes from school days and it is still fresh in my mind.

At Buddings this spring season every Thursday, I will be exploring spring animals of Canada with the buddies. I am excited to bring new ideas and engage children with fun-filled learning experiences.

Animals are the most fascinating and inspiring creatures gifted to humanity. We will be learning about the fantastic world of animals by exploring how the change of season affects animals.


We will be starting our Big Kids Club with some bugs and insects, and later some wiggly worms will be joining us on Thursday. Baby Chicks, beautiful butterflies, caterpillars and of course Canadian beavers will be joining us on Big Kids Club.

We will also be going to different field trips to explore the wonderful world of these animals.

Stay tuned to know about some live creatures joining us this season at the club! Join us every Thursday 1 pm- 4 pm to learn about different fantastic animals.

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