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About photos, cameras and the end of a season…

June 12, 2016
Written by Isa

Is it just me or 2016 went by as fast as our big kids running down the ramp?

We are right in the middle of the year! It’s june, spring is going away, summer wants to come in but the rain gets on the way…oh! time! time!

Eye, Light, Camera – my first Big Kids Club – will be ending soon but before that happens I shall confess to you that it was such a great adventure. Each class and each field trip meant a new story, a new experience.

Since the first week of April, we’ve gotten together every Wednesday to learn how to combine our eyes, different types of light and cameras to produce amazing compositions. Plus, after visiting Beau Photo on May 18, all the big kids now understand how to use and take care of a DSLR camera along with some photographic techniques.

In June, we’ve got together in the big kid’s classroom to organize some hands-on activities with a real DSLR Camera and in just two weeks we were able to make a “surprise” short video featuring our big kids’ best shots while practicing our 3 rules:

1. “A DSLR camera is a special piece of equipment that people use to take photographs. It’s special, so always keep the camera on your hand or around your neck”.

2.  “Hold the camera, get the subject, zoom? Steady, steady, press”.

3. “Make sure you save them, in a safe spot, in space?” 😆

Here it goes:

BKC – Eye, Lights, Camera

Our final project is coming: “Design & build a 35mm camera”. (We started already but needs to be fully dry).

So in the mean time, we are going on a new voyage to the cinema located in Woodward’s centre @ SFU, next wednesday June 15! Hopefully, we will take a close look  back stage, see the projectors and meet a movie in 35mm.

*Thank you Budding’s teachers, kids and also parents for your support. Encourage your kids to take photos! photography is a fun art form that gets kids excited and more in tune with the world around them!

“Eye, Light, Camera” – Eye sessions

May 16, 2016
Written by Isa

May’s “Eye, Light, Camera” sessions, led by my dear friend Mozi – and all my big kids: Maksim, Sylvie, Carter, Dez, Benito and Luke – have been about our eyes and how amazing they are.

In our first session, we talked about how they can follow motion, see colours and receive light during a fieldtrip to the Eye Doctor @ Oak Street, but our first stop was the Emily Carr’s Elementary School park.

I’d like to share with you a short tale of our trip 😆 (by the way, we did visit the Eye Doctor but we weren’t allowed to take any photos)

Did you know that the most active muscles in our body are located inside our eyes? – Mozi says.

No way! – Maksim says.

Yes, why don’t we exercise our eyes right now and take a good look at that shape, it looks like an eye! Afterwards, we can go visit the Eye Doctor and have him tell us more about the eye! – Mozi says.

Our second session was very exciting because Dez, Maksim, Luke and I designed / constructed a pair of eyes each, yes, a pair! and we only used play dough, white-blue-black paint and lots of precision 😛

During the construction phase, we talked about the parts of the eye and the secrets behind it and here’s Dez conclusion of my words, which I must say, are so brilliant that I wrote them down:

“The little dark circle in the center of each of your eyes lets light in. It is called a pupil and there’s a large nerve called the optic nerve that carries one image to your brain where it gets turned around so that you see it the right way instead of upside-down!”


Our next “Eye, Light, Camera” session will take place @ Beau Photo next Wednesday, May 18th! We will tour around the store and have a meeting with Mozi’s friend Bill, known as the “all around fun guy” but actually, is a master of photography. Join us!


note: it’s almost summer, so, don’t forget your hat or sunblock 😉

Meet Mozi – Master of Eyes…?

April 28, 2016
Written by Isa

Spring is here! Did you guys know that this is the second time I’ve seen spring in my life? Oh yes! Actually, my first time was last year, when I moved to Vancouver…and I must say, it’s so beautiful! 🙂

I’m originally from Venezuela, a South American country, with beautiful places to see. So naturally, learning about photos was a must!

When I was in my home-country, I met my friend Mozi, and there he told me everything about himself and taught me the secrets he knows about Photography.

Here we are in front of the Cordillera de la Costa mountains, and the city of Caracas.

Mozi is originally from China, but since he loves to travel around the world and meet people, he learned a lot of languages, especially English!

“The secrets of photography are so much fun they shouldn’t be secrets!” he said to me.

He showed me the magic of light rays, and how they play with our eyes and how oue eyes can help us locate ourselves and learn!

This was all very exiting so this Spring, I asked Mozi to come to Vancouver and help me teach these secrets to my new friends!

Eye, Light, Camera started on Wednesday, April 13th!

That day we discovered the principal notions of light, following the path of Albert Einstein, in the book On A Beam Of Light, by Jennifer Berne.

Inspired, we made an attempt at constructing our own lights with a flashlight and a shade using some card board around it…and I must confess, at the beginning we were busy cutting our shapes but then my big kids got a bit distracted so, we weren’t able to take any photos of the event…next time, I promise.

Our second lesson happened on April 20th and it was all about capturing moments together on a field trip. What better way to do this that enjoying the Capture Photofest exhibition at the Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver?

So, Denet, all the big kids and I got on the sea bus and captured all the good energies from looking at the water and the mountains…when we got to North Vancouver, right after eating our snack, we noticed…oh no! We won’t be able to make it back on time if we go up, we don’t want to be late! (Next time, we should leave Buddings at 1pm! J )

We had a little meeting and discussed our options, go back, go all the way up to the gallery, play more…but when I heard my big kids Julian and Adrian say: “but this park is so beautiful, can we see that over there?”…

…I thought: “this is it, I want them to see, to feel happy about it”.

I wish you could have seen their faces! They look so happy!

And I’m so happy too 🙂

One thing I’d like to add is that it will get better, organized and you will see the results. My good friend Talia has warned me: “the first sessions will be challenging”, and yes, kids are special, they need to get use to things first and I’m willing to keep going until we get “the photo”.

I want to thank Denet, Sara, Sarah, Talia for your help and the big kids, you guys, you are light!

Eye, Light, Camera!

April 1, 2016
Written by Talia

Welcome to the Big Kids Club, Isabel!

And welcome to Isabel’s world, Big Kids!

Joining the Buddings team for her first season as a fully fledged teacher, Isabel’s class – Eye, Light, Camera! – combines her longtime love for photography and documentary with a philosophical enquiry into what it means to capture the moment.

It’s a beautiful exploration that starts in our imagination, and radiates outward – Wednesdays from 1 – 4.

The action runs from April to June, 2016.

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