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World Fairytales: Children’s Passports to Different Cultures

September 22, 2017
Written by Ehlssie

When we think fairytales, the words Disney, princes, princesses, and fairies always come to mind. However, in this class, we learn that Fairytales go way beyond that.

Fairytales are not limited to the Princesses introduced in Disney movies. It is far more complex than that. Way before there was ever a mouse named Mickey, fairytales were already written by the creative minds of authors and writers all over the world.

Fairytales are so fascinating in the way that it entails the principles and cultural values of different societies at different points in time.

Essentially, fairytales are children’s passports to different principles, ways of life, that may be different from their own.

We started off this season exploring the fairytale centre of our city; the Vancouver Public Library. Here we were introduced to the countless unconventional stories of the fairytale world. Then, in the following weeks after diving into our imagination through the different fairytales we read, we learn about the important aspects of different cultures that make them special!

Fairytales, as we learned, does not only originate in the magical world of Disney stories. Fairytales go above and beyond. Exploring these different books that are so different from conventional fairytales, opens up the awareness and broadens perspectives of children in unimaginable ways.

So join our tale adventures every Thursday from 1-4 pm and our field trips from 1 – 5 pm! 🙂



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