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2018 Spring has Sprung Field Trips

February 20, 2018
Written by Ehlssie







March 9 – Kezia’s Planting Class Fieldtrip to Whole Foods

March 15 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch)

March 17 – The Groom Room at Oak and 22nd. Our daycare dog Benson needs a bath…

March 19 – Ehlssie’s Forces of Nature Fieldtrip to Queen Elizabeth Park

March 20 – Ayumi Fieldtrip YVR International Airport

March 21 – All Aboard! Join Conductor Sarah for a trip to the Roundhouse Community Centre

March 22 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to BMO Theatre Centre

March 23 – Kezia’s Planting Class Fieldtrip to VanDusen Botanical Garden

March 27 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Kids Market in Granville Island

April 6 –  Garden Growers, let’s go to UBC Farm!

April 12 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Kidsbooks

April 14 – The frogs and gecko eat crickets! Let’s get some from PetSmart at Cambie and 2nd

April 18 – Sarah’s Aquabus adventure to Granville Island

April 24 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Sea bus and Lonsdale Quay Market

April 30 – Ehlssie’s Forces of Nature Fieldtrip to Charleson Park

May 4 – Kezia’s Planting Class gets down and dirty…at the Community Garden!

May 10 – Tomomi’s Kid’s Theatre Fieldtrip to Granville Island

May 16 – Off to the Airport with Sarah!

May 22 – Ayumi Fieldtrip Vancouver Public Library, Downtown

May 26 – The underwater animals at Aquariums West are waiting for our animal lovers to visit

May. 28 – Ehlssie’s Forces of Nature Fieldtrip to the Vancouver Harbour via. Waterfront Station


Winter Wonder Field Trips

December 13, 2017
Written by Ehlssie

Dec. 7 – Dr. Seuss Team Fieldtrip to the Vancouver Public Library

Dec. 9 – Buddings Artists Fieldtrip to the Japanese restaurant “Sushi itoga”

Dec. 13 – Water Scientists’ adventures to the False Creek Ferries

Dec. 15 – Light Explorers Fieldtrip to Giant Reindeer at Vancouver City Centre

Dec. 18 – Plant and bug explorers at Sahalli Community Garden, East Vancouver

Dec. 19 – Come Alive: Michael’s Craft Store

Jan. 5 – Light Explorers Fieldtrip to St. Paul’s Hospital Light of Hope

Jan. 11 – Dr. Seuss Team Fieldtrip to the Richmond Public Library

Jan. 17 – Water Scientists’ Fieldtrip to Science World’s Water Flow Exhibit

Jan. 20 – Buddings Artists Fieldtrip toVancouver general hospital playground

Jan. 23 – Come Alive: Charleson Park

Jan. 29 – Spot the ducks and geese at Granville Island entrance, by the lake and playground.

Feb. 2 – Light Explorers Fieldtrip to the Golden Tree at Marine Drive

Feb. 8 – Dr. Seuss Team Fieldtrip to the Vancouver Public Library

Feb. 14 – Water Scientists Fieldtrip to the Lonsdale Quay

Feb. 17 – Buddings Artists Fieldtrip to the UBC Library

Feb. 19 – Yoga it up!: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Feb. 20 – Come Alive: Vancouver Public Library


All Fall Down Fieldtrips

September 5, 2017
Written by Ehlssie

Sept. 7: Vancouver Public Library

Sept. 15: Origins Parkour

Sept.20: UBC Endowment Lands

Sept. 26: UBC Farm

Oct. 4: Burnaby Central Park

Oct. 13: Science World Zipline

Oct. 19: Richmond Public Library

Oct. 24: UBC Farm

October 25: UBC Endowment Lands

Oct 30:

Nov. 1: UBC Endowment Lands

Nov. 3: Steve Nash Antigravity Yoga School

Nov. 9: UBC Library

Nov. 15: UBC Endowment Lands

Nov. 21: UBC Farm

Nov. 23: Vancouver Public Library

Nov. 27:

Nov. 29: Habitat Island on False Creek

A Picnic Adventure to Lonsdale Quay

August 25, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

A few weeks ago, we went on a field trip to Lonsdale Quay, where we took at least three modes of transportation: the bus, train and the Seabus! The journey was fun, exciting and surprisingly easy, especially the Seabus. For those who haven’t gone on the Seabus, it’s spacious with lots of seating and has windows for viewing from the back and front of the boat. It’s very kid friendly since they had enough room to stretch, walk around and look out the window.

Here are our friends holding onto the bars so well in the Canada Line Train.










Enjoying the view and the space we have around us! It was Emily’s first time on the Seabus!







The first attraction that took their interest was the water fountain. They loved all that this place had to offer.










We eventually made our way to the colourful pianos outside the marketplace! We spent some time making music on the pianos. Luckily, there were two pianos so no one had to wait their turn.

AJ suggested we go through the marketplace to look for some sprinkles for Buddings since we ran out. So we made our way in and explored the main floor on the search for sprinkles. Unfortunately we found no sprinkles but the delicious smells from the food stalls made our tummys grumble so we decided to start our picnic.

We set up our snacks on one of the picnic tables located outside the market, near the water. As we ate, we were treated with beautiful live music!

Once we were done, we made our way up the stairs to the Q sign, where we enjoyed the view.

Our group of friends were ready for another mini adventure so we went to the nearby playground before heading back to buddings.

Overall, this was a great day where we had lots to see and do. I hope to organize more field trips like this in the future! Join us on Tuesdays for our Summer Picnics Big Kids Club!

Summer Journeys

June 21, 2017
Written by Johanna

June 26 – Cottonwood Garden in Strathcona

July 5 – Sarah’s Forest School takes to the trees at the Greenheart Canopy Walk at the UBC Botanical Gardens

July 6 – Vancouver Art Gallery: our city’s cultural centre is the first stop on Ehlssie’s exploration of West Coast art

July 7 – Mount Pleasant Exploration: how has Vancouver’s hippest ‘hood maintained its magic through development and densification? Through art!

July 10 – She sells sea shells by the sea shore… at Kits beach!

July 12 – Pacific Spirit Trails: Count to 10 with nature

July 13 – Hills Native Art gallery in Gastown – Shop where the tourists shop!

July 19 – UBC Endowment Lands: Digging into the forest floor. What’s underneath all of those leaves?

July 20 – South Granville art walk, starting at Douglas Reynolds Gallery

July 22 – 4th Annual Thai Food and Culture Festival at the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza

July 24 – Habitat Island in Olympic Village – so many creatures make their homes here!

July 25 – Florence leads her picnic to the Urban Fare Grocery Store in Olympic Village for some last minute shopping

July 26 – UBC Endowment Lands: Sorting, comparing, and categorizing

July 27 – Musqueam Welcome Centre at the Vancouver International Airport

Aug. 2 – Back to Burnaby Central Park

Aug. 3 – Lattimer Gallery in Kits

Aug. 4 – Crab Park water park! Bring your swim wear!

Aug. 8 – Lonsdale Quay Market and Playground. The Seabus makes this trip a multi-modal adventure!

Aug. 9 – Burnaby Central Park – pt. 3

Aug. 10 – Bill Reid Gallery of North West Art, downtown Vancouver

Aug. 16 – BC Rainforest Garden at the UBC Botanical Gardens

Aug. 17 – Coastal Peoples Inuit Art Gallery in Gastown

Aug. 19 – Royal Canadian Mint Shop, at City Centre Station

Aug. 23 – Carolinian Forest Garden at the UBC Botanical Gardens

Aug. 24 – Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, at Cambie and Water Street

Aug. 25 – Science World Outdoor Park

Aug. 27 – SUMMER PARTY!! Teddy Bear Picnic and Scavenger Hunt at Kingscrest Park from 11 – 1pm

Aug. 28 – Trout Lake at Commercial Drive

Aug. 30 – REVISIT Greenheart Treewalk at the UBC Botanical Gardens: An end of summer celebration high above the forest floor!

Aug. 31 – The Jade Canoe – Our jouneys end at the YVR Airport

DIY Spring Fieldtrips

April 5, 2017
Written by Talia

Apr. 7 – Neighbourhood walk with Talia – to find new uses… invent!

Apr. 13 – Sharmila and the kids will go to Charleson Park to find some ladybugs.

Apr. 19 – Sarah’s Music class goes on a music walk around False Creek

Apr. 25 – Jack and the Beanstalk crew takes on Queen Elizabeth Park

May 1 – Flower Magic Fieldtrip to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens

May 5 – Class trip to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in South Vancouver

May 11 – Pet Smart & a new bug adventure

May 17 – The yellow submarine dives down to the Maritime Museum

May 23 – Nature Mosaic Project at Charleson Park

May 29 – Adventure to Queen Elizabeth Park – how the trees talk

June 2 – Ball bouncing research at Science World Park

June 8 – Aquariums West

June 14 – The Music Makers band heads to Gandharva Loka World Music Store

June 20 – Exploring the Pine Street Community Garden

June 26 – How does your garden grow? Exploring Cottonwood Garden

Winter Dreaming Fieldtrips

January 4, 2017
Written by Talia

Jan. 13 – Granville Street Art Gallery Crawl – in search of the mystic moon

Jan. 16 – North Vancouver Sea Bus Adventure

Jan. 19 – Vancouver Public Library

Jan. 25 – YVR International Airport

Jan. 31 – China Town Decorations

Feb. 6 – Charleson Park Mission

Feb. 10 – Burnaby Central Park

Feb. 16 – VPL Central Branch “Inspiration Lab”

Feb. 22 – Wheel Chair Store

Feb. 28 – Robson Square Ice Rink

Mar. 6 – Beady Biodiversity Museum at UBC

Mar. 10 – Nocturnal Workshop in Gastown

Mar. 14 – Wholefoods Beavertails Mission

Mar. 16 – HR MacMillan Space Centre

Mar. 20 – Granville Island Field Trip

Mar. 22 – Fire Station at 10th and Hemlock

Mar. 24 – VanDusen Park – FREE for kids everyday in March!

Mar. 28 – Charleson Park for the winter dreaming wrap up trip

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