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A Rhythm Journey to Africa

August 16, 2016
Written by Johanna

Monday’s Big Kids Club class is all about rhythm, melody and cultivating an appreciation for music from around the world.

Last Monday’s Big Kids Club class took our exploration to a whole new level as our special guest, Kesseke Yeo, visited Buddings, bringing with him 9 drums and 2 xylophones for kids and adults alike to try out. 

Originally from the Ivory Coast, Kesseke Yeo is a local musician, dancer and clothing designer, who teaches and performs in BC, as well as across Canada.

Taking a break from his many projects, he agreed to pay us a visit and give us a taste of some of the sounds and rhythms that he grew up with.

With all those djembes, the kids, parents and teachers were able to create quite an impressive drum circle.

Drumming with others, especially with adults who are able to keep a consistent rhythm, is a wonderful way for kids to develop rhythmically. There is so much good musical information being received through the sound and feeling of the drum beats. Even if your child can’t yet keep an accurate beat, no matter! They are receiving the information, experimenting themselves, and over time they will be able to produce an accurate rhythm.

Even if you don’t have instruments at home, you can create a drum circle with other household items, like pots and pans! Why not have a kitchen rhythm jam to give your kids some great musical input, as well as to create connection through play!

And in the meantime, join us for Music Mondays!

Don’t miss our last two weeks of classes:
August 22nd is a field trip to Long and McQuade and August 29th will be a musical performance put on by all of our local Buddings talent

Keep making music!!!

Music Mondays…shake, pluck and play!

July 18, 2016
Written by Johanna

Monday’s summer music class is all about discovery, play and…of course…music!

Meet our friend, Mike the Musical Monster. Monsters tend to keep a strange diet, and our friend Mike is no different. Rather than eating something physical like food or objects, he survives and thrives off the sweet melodies and musical rhythms we feed him! Yum yum yum! 

Every Monday, Mike sends us on a different mission. Each one inevitably leads to his big musical appetite being satisfied. Phew! Thanks to all his musical friends who are willing to travel the world, make tin can shakers, tissue box ukuleles, go on quests to retrieve special instruments, and even leave the daycare for musical field trips to feed Mike’s veracious musical appetite!

But Mondays aren’t just for Mike, they’re also all about expanding our own self-expression through music, learning about tone and rhythm through play, and developing an appreciation for the amazing diversity of music around the world!

Don’t miss these special dates:

July 25: Musical Field Trip to Granville Island – a mission to find as many different musical performers as we can!

August 8: Special Guest Visitor – Kesseke Yeo, a fantastic musician and performer from the Ivory Coast will have us drumming and dancing!

August 22: Musical Field Trip to Long and McQuade to learn about some instruments that Mike’s never tried before!

Mike and I are looking forward to making music with you Monday afternoons this summer!

Music Mondays

May 31, 2016
Written by Talia

Johanna Peters is expanding her repertoire (again), and certifying as a music teacher for young children – just in time for a summer season of musical magic.

Instruments, rhythm, performances, and dance are all part of the program, and Johanna’s own lyrical story-telling talents will be carrying the tune.

Love singing, dancing, and feeling the music? This class is for you!

Mondays through July and August.

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