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Saturday’s Little-big Things That We Love About Our Canada!

July 14, 2017
Written by Kezia Antholyka

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

For the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of calling Canada home. I am so eager to share the things that I love about Canada with our buddies, all while learning more about the things that they love about their home!

After all, some of our buddies have lived here for longer than I have 😉

Vancouver is such a uniquely beautiful place where mountains, forests, and the ocean are all within reach. The first time I went to Jericho beach, I caught a glimpse of Stanley Park and Grouse Mountain and couldn’t help but be in awe! I’ve lived in a city of concrete my whole life and had never seen a landscape like that before.

Using the view as my inspiration, we started off our journey by learning about the animals that call Vancouver home. Through Brenda Williams and Rosamund Fowler’s  “Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear,” we learned the meaning of the word habitat. We discovered that Vancouver’s variety of habitats are home to many different animals like bears, coyotes, and harbour seals!

Though Mabel was the only Big Kid in our Club, we had the pleasure of being accompanied by potential Buddies who were coming in for orientation. Mabel was so welcoming to these kids, sharing the crayons and taking turns with the paint, just like she would to a friend. Mabel reminded me about yet another thing that I love about Canada, and that is how open and welcoming the people are to newcomers. 

Join us on Saturdays for our Canada themed Vancouver stay-cations, as a part of Buddings’ BKC Summer Journeys! Let’s discover the little or BIG things that we love about our home <3

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