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The Search for Treasure Continues…

June 13, 2016
Written by Sarah

Ahoy, me hearties!

The seafaring scallywags of Pirate Club have been busy since their epic field trip to the Vancouver Maritime Museum last month.

Answering Purple Turtle’s call to action, the crew continues to make their way across Pirate Island in search of treasure. Along the way, they have been solving the Turtle’s riddles, uncovering the island’s mysteries, and helping the mythical creatures that call the it home.

The week after their visit to the Maritime Museum, our pint-sized pirates found themselves summiting Mt. Cyclops, a lone peak in the north eastern region of Pirate Island. At the top, they discovered a lonely giant, searching for friends out of the single, near-sighted eye in the centre of his forehead. Discovering that the creature wasn’t the beast they’d previously thought, the pirates wooed him with a song of friendship and moved one step closer to their treasure.

After their climb up Mt. Cyclops, Purple Turtle bestowed a new clue upon our swashbuckling friends. Heeding the Turtle’s wise words, the crew voyaged to the edge of the Whirlpool of Doom, a murky maelstrom whirling in the northwest of the island. After harnessing its powerful swirl, the pirates were able to trap the serpentine beast lurking off the coast of Pirate Island, making its shores safe again for their fellow sailors.

Following their oscillating adventure at the Whirlpool of Doom, the crew trekked onward to the Lake of Mirrors, a gleaming inland sea at the centre of the island. There, they became embroiled in the myth of the Fauna of the Mirrors and created their own mirrors to decode the mysteries beneath the lake’s surface. Peering into their reflections, the pirates were able to unlock magical worlds that had been left dormant for thousands of years. Purple Turtle urged them to banish the otherworldly creatures to their mirror worlds; however, in a mutinous move, Pirates Heron and Dez defied his advice and left a portal open for travel between human to mirror realms.

As they edge closer to their treasure, there are still a few surprises in store for our merry band of buccaneers. Before they uncover their booty, the pirates will have to help deliver a betentacled kraken from the jaws of a jagged-toothed shark. Then, they will be asked to do the impossible: get an ostrich to fly! Once the (usually) flightless bird descends from its mountain peak, the pirates will be at the doorstep of their long-awaited treasure…

Pirate Club Goes to the Museum

May 17, 2016
Written by Sarah

Last Thursday afternoon, our budding buccaneers left their pirate lair for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It was a treacherous journey: two buses and 10 minutes of walking each way, 12 pirates, and three teachers! This was Budding’s BIGGEST FIELD TRIP EVER… and we couldn’t have asked for a better band of pirates to make the journey with!

On this voyage, we had:

After departing our pirate lair, we hopped on the #99 B-Line bus, heading west to Kitsilano. Once at MacDonald Street we waited for our next ride, the #22. After a snack and a short wait, we hopped on the bus and headed to Cornwall Avenue, where we hopped off and headed towards Vanier Park, the home of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Inside the museum, the pirates wasted no time climbing aboard the St. Roch, an historic ship with a storied past of Arctic exploration. We clambered up the walkway to the deck of the ship, eager to discover what life was like for the seafaring folk who lived aboard the St. Roch during her heyday in the early 20th century.

Once onboard, we discovered that the crew of the St. Roch lived in very close and cramped quarters on their long journeys in the North. Their beds were short and skinny, their rooms small and stuffed to the gills with uniforms, books, and reminders of homes far away.

On the ship deck, pirates Grant and Marcus quickly discovered a sled dog peering out into the high seas of long ago. As it turns out, the crew of the St. Roch included an Inuit guide and his trusty pooch, who helped the sailors navigate icy Arctic waters. The guide slept in a tent on the ship deck, while the rest of the crew rested in their cabins, shielded from the elements.

After our tour of the St. Roch, it was time to explore the museum’s galleries, which were ideally-suited to a group of rabble-rousing miniature pirates! We hunted for sunken ships and treasure with a giant flashlight, tried on diving gear, moved fishing nets up and down with a pulley, and took the helm of the perfect pint-size pirate ship.

With no time to spare, it was time for our pirates to make their way back to Budding’s. We retraced our steps, arriving tuckered out but nonetheless triumphant, after a day of exploring the high seas.


Thursday’s Pirate Adventures

April 27, 2016
Written by Sarah

Ahoy, mateys! Last Thursday, our merry band of marauders found themselves washed up on the shores of Pirate Island. Thankfully, we’ve been equipped with a map to guide us across its harsh landscape to the treasure that lies on its south-eastern shores.

Each class, the pirates receive a new clue courtesy of our trusty comrade, Purple Turtle. Purple Turtle is a sort of oracle of the high seas, delivering declarations from the deep to the crew each week. Our steward in this quest, Purple Turtle’s puzzling pronouncements may provoke the crew to solve a mystery, learn something new about their environment, or help a creature trapped on Pirate Island’s forbidding landscape.

With the solving of each clue, the pirates will get closer to their ultimate goal…treasure! The crew advance through the harsh terrain of Pirate Island by solving the Turtle’s riddles. Once a clue is solved, we chart our progress on our trusty map.

Last class, the Turtle left us a cryptic note about a gelatinous beast lurking on the Island’s north-eastern shores. Pirates Dez and Heron rushed to find the answers to his riddle, searching high and low for the book of Unusual Creatures by Michael Hearst , which they hoped would contain the magic words needed to free our slimy friend from its terrestrial prison.

After looking through the book, it became clear to Pirates Heron and Dez that the creature washed up on Pirate Island’s shores was a blobfish! Together, we learned that this jiggly pink mass needed the pressure of the deep sea to keep its body in the right shape. The crew recited the blobfish’s incantation three times, releasing it back into its watery home.

With the blobfish safe at the bottom of the sea, this motley crew are left to wonder about what lays ahead in their journey across Pirate Island. This Thursday, the pirates will confront a new challenge when they pass through the snake-patrolled desert of No Man’s Land. What clues will Purple Turtle deliver to help with their passage? Will the pirates be able to cross the desert without being bitten? Keep checking the blog to find out what happens next on our island adventure!

World Travelers

April 1, 2016
Written by Talia

Sarah’s spring class is about setting sail, and exploring the great blue yonder.

She captains a crew of pirate-mates, tackling transportation, maps, and quests.

“X” marks the spot, but getting there is more than half the adventure.

By land, sea, and air, she and the kids will be creating new modes of travel, designing their maps, and learning as much as they can about the distant locales before they make their great voyage.

Join them Thursdays from 1 – 4pm.

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