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Riding with Raven: Raven’s Tale and our Mission

August 26, 2017
Written by Ehlssie

This summer, our journeys to different art galleries and cultural centres across Vancouver in search for Raven has been so successful! Why, you might ask? Read on!

We always start off our adventures by learning about the tale of the Raven.

According to the tale of the Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest, the world all around was once in darkness, and Raven made it a mission to bring light to the earth.

As he flew across the sky in search for this light, he spots the home of the sky chief, illuminated with some form of light. So he turned into a baby Raven Child. He was loved by the sky chief and called him grandson.

So when it came time for him to ask for the ball of light (the sun) placed in a special box, the sky chief gave it to him with no hesitation.

Once he got hold of the light and brought it up to the sky, it stayed there. That is how the Raven took the ball of light and gave it to all the people.

After learning about this tale, we enter the gallery in search for the Raven, and to our delight, we have been spotting him showcased through beautiful hand carved totem poles, and the like.

Not only this but several times, we have also spotted the special box where the ball of light was kept safe by the Sky Chief.

It’s not too late to Ride with Raven! We have one more field trip coming up. So join us this Thursday, from 1-5pm!


Riding with Raven: Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art

July 28, 2017
Written by Ehlssie

BKC At the Vancouver Art Gallery

“Art speaks where words are unable to listen” – Unknown

Art is a major aspect in recognizing and understanding important cultural qualities. This summer, we are riding with Raven as we explore the abundance of aboriginal art all across the city!

This past month we have been journeying all throughout Vancouver soaring through different cultural focal points Vancouver has to offer! 

We started off our adventures in the cultural heart of Vancouver… where, you might ask? The Vancouver art Gallery of course!

Here, we were mesmerized by the works of Emily Carr, a Canadian artist who was inspired by the works of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. It was amazing to see how she incorporated the natural wonders of our home as an inspiration for her beautiful art work.

BKC at Bill Reid’s Gallery

Our summer journey also led us to Bill Reid’s gallery in the heart of Gastown. All the big kids in this journey were fascinated by the first hand wood carving we witnessed along these streets on our way to the gallery.

We took a break from the downtown core and journeyed west to Douglas Reynold’s Gallery.

Inspired by the tale of the Raven, we looked through this gallery in search for raven-incorporated art work. We were fascinated at the abundance of Ravens in aboriginal art and how much detail and work goes into making each one!

BKC at the YVR Airport

With a similar mission, we continued our adventures in the YVR airport and saw a totem pole of Raven just by the entrance, it was such a nice treat to read the Raven book right in front of that magnificent art work. As a bonus, we got to watch airplanes land and take off at the YVR airport’s observation area!

But our journey doesn’t end here!

We have so much more to explore and so much more to see! Don’t miss out, join us as we ride with Raven on Thursdays, from 1-5pm!

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