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Monday’s Big Kids are Keeping Cool by the Water

August 19, 2017
Written by Johanna

Although the summer heat is beginning to ease off as we move towards the mellowness of autumn, Monday’s Big Kids and I have been splashing around Vancouver, finding the coolest places to play.

She Sells Seashells, Monday’s BKC Summer Journeys class, has taken us on some sandy and watery adventures, as we explore the ocean and its beaches – the landscape where water and land meet.

One of my favourite adventures so far, was a trip down to False Creek’s Hinge Park and Habitat Island. There is endless fun to be had here, as the park offers tunnels to pass through, big rock steps to climb, bridges to cross, and the highlight – a water pump and metal runnels. The kids could’ve stayed here all day, racing up to the top to press the button that turns on the water pump, then racing back down to follow the water’s path as it cascades down the metal ramp, shooting off into a big puddle at the end.

Though it was hard to convince the kids to leave this watery playground, they also loved exploring Habitat Island. You have to cross a stepping stone bridge to get to the ‘island’, and there are all kinds of little pathways to explore once you’re there. Plus a great spot for stopping to throw stones in the water, and a view of downtown Vancouver’s skyscraper landscape.

Last week we headed out on a spontaneous adventure to Aquariums West (gecko needed a new heat lamp bulb…), to see some creatures that call water home. We saw fish, shrimp, snails, turtles, frogs and even land animals like guinea pigs, hamsters and rats.

Frankie liked the rats the best, Mabel was keen on the guinea pigs, and Sylvie loved seeing all the different colours and sizes of fish that filled row upon row of aquariums.

With only two Mondays left this season, come join us for our last two sandy journeys!

Monday, August 21st, we’ll be experimenting with making homemade kinetic sand (check out the recipe here: Sticky Sand Dough)

Monday, August 28th, join us for our final beach field trip to Trout Lake Park (okay, I know it’s not the ocean, but it still has a great beach).

Looking forward to bringing these adventures to life with all the fun of #BKCSummerJourneys!


She Sells Seashells…A Class about Beach Magic

July 20, 2017
Written by Johanna

“She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.
The shells she sells are sea-shells, I’m sure.
For if she sells sea-shells on the sea-shore
Then I’m sure she sells sea-shore shells.”

Try saying that ten times fast!

Just as this old tongue twister often stupefies our tongues, the magic and mystery of the ocean can stun our minds into silent wonder and awe.

There is so much that we do not know about our earth’s oceans. We have only explored less than 5% of their watery depths!¬†For me, it is precisely this mystery that makes the ocean so intriguing and awe-inspiring! While we will not be diving underwater in our Monday #BKCSummerJourneys class, the ocean leaves many discoverable clues and hints on the beaches that surround it. So every Monday we will be focusing on beaches and the treasures they have to offer, both at Buddings and beyond!

For our first field trip, we traveled to Kits Beach, one of Vancouver’s most popular beaches. It’s a great spot for its views, logs, dog beach and playground. It’s a quintessential Vancouver scene, and so this is where we began our beach explorations.

We did find some good seashells and made some pretty deep holes in the sand. We watched the tide come in and out, ran along the beach, and of course, we spent a lot of time playing at the playground.

Next week we’re off to Hinge Park to explore the habitat along the shores of False Creek.


And the fun doesn’t happen just on our field trip adventures! We have also been having some watery and musical adventures within the unlimited framework of our imaginations!

Last week we talked about the many different sea creatures and treasures that can be discovered underneath the ocean’s surface (according to Felix B, trolls inhabit its dark depths), and made a diorama of some of the things we talked about. Can you find the shells, seaweed, squid, bubbles and two different ship wrecks?? Its a pretty exciting world under there! And we also enjoyed a Barefoot Books musical story “A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” (click the title to watch it on YouTube), to get some inspiration for our collaborative diorama project.

When we’re not exploring Vancouer’s beaches, we’ll be busy at Buddings making kinetic sand, uncovering buried treasure and creating ocean worlds.

Join us every Monday afternoon! And check-out our field trips page (field trips run from 1-5pm), to book your child along for the adventures!





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