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What have our astronauts been up to?

June 15, 2016
Written by Denet

At our Exploring Space class, we started by learning what is an astronaut. How they train? How’s their life in space? Our big kids know it all now. We even built our own spacesuit and when we knew all about astronauts and have trained hard it was time to learn about the machines they used. So,we decided we would build a spaceship. We took our spaceship to the “Charleston Park” planet and accomplished different missions there working as a team.

We rescued a spider from space and went and look up for different things like 5 round rocks or 4 brown space leaves. We had to place the Canadian flag on the planet we just discovered of course and so we did.

Our astronauts were ready and now was time to learn about the outer space and we’ve focus on our own galaxy- The Milky Way. The clue I give them for them to remember is that it starts with a word that it’s similar to something we drink “milk” and then they remember the rest.

There are so many new words and terms to remember so we’ve had a couple games and songs to help us with that. I’ve found a couple of songs about planets that are so catchy and we all love. Our favorite one you can find it on this link.

Our friend Mr. Chicken had been asking to join our Big Kids Club again and even know he is loud and tried to bite us sometimes, we love him and we said yes. He made his own space outfit which is super shiny and cute. He always brings peaces of papers with questions which he carry in his beak and we have to answer them. He is really funny! Once everyone has a paper with a question in their hand, I read it and they try to answer it. I get excited every time they have the correct answer for their question.

Yesterday, we created different planets using pastel crayons and they were excited about it. Marcus drew some volcanoes on “Venus” and Dez was excited he had the biggest planet of all-Jupiter. They all did a great job!

I have to mention as well our super cool Mars’ volcanoes which turned up to be purple instead of red but the explosions were a success! Did you know Mars has the biggest volcano in the whole galaxy? It’s called Olympus Moss. All the kids did their own and it turned up to be crazy messy but super fun.

Don’t missed out on our next field trip to Mac Millan Space Centre on Tuesday 21st !

5,4,3,2,1.. Blast off!

May 3, 2016
Written by Denet

These astronauts and I have been having so much fun – “Exploring Space” – every Tuesday.

We just finished our 4th week learning about astronauts but of course 4 weeks won’t be enough. We will keep learning about them and their adventures as we shift our study to the equipment they use when working in space and the things they find and see when they are on their missions.

We’ve watched some very interesting videos about real astronauts. In their videos they explain what life is like when they are in space. How they sleep, eat, shower and go to the washroom. Everything is different in space! When astronauts wash their hair the water floats away since there’s no gravity there. Therefor, they need to make some changes to adapt to their new home.

We learned about the first astronaut that went to the moon. His name was Neil Armstrong. The kids learned his name pretty quickly even though sometimes they get confused. It’s a bit tricky to remember it’s actually “Armstrong” and not “Strongarm.” So cute! I know.

This month, we will be learning about the equipment they use to work and transport themselves.

We are building a new spaceship!

Dez and I went to IHOP today and the two restaurants around Buddings and found a couple boxes that will help us for our project. He was so excited to see everyone giving us some boxes, that we had to start with our project ahead of time.

Dez, A.J, Gracie, Vera & Malcolm started to draw on the boxes today and make sure it had a name and the buttons required. Dez named  the spaceship “47” so we got a name already for it.

On our next adventure exploring space we will continue building our spaceship and then we will take it to one of our fieldtrips soon!

Space… the final frontier

April 1, 2016
Written by Talia

Children’s interest in space, astronauts, rocket ships, planets, stars, meteors, count downs, and all things inter-gallactic, blasts off this season, with Denet’s Tuesday class – Exploring Space.

Who were the first astronauts? What did they see? Wait a minute! What did they eat? And how?

Find out, Tuesdays from 1 – 4, from April to June.

When exploring uncharted territories, there are no guarantees. Helmets will be provided.

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