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A Picnic Adventure to Lonsdale Quay

August 25, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

A few weeks ago, we went on a field trip to Lonsdale Quay, where we took at least three modes of transportation: the bus, train and the Seabus! The journey was fun, exciting and surprisingly easy, especially the Seabus. For those who haven’t gone on the Seabus, it’s spacious with lots of seating and has windows for viewing from the back and front of the boat. It’s very kid friendly since they had enough room to stretch, walk around and look out the window.

Here are our friends holding onto the bars so well in the Canada Line Train.










Enjoying the view and the space we have around us! It was Emily’s first time on the Seabus!







The first attraction that took their interest was the water fountain. They loved all that this place had to offer.










We eventually made our way to the colourful pianos outside the marketplace! We spent some time making music on the pianos. Luckily, there were two pianos so no one had to wait their turn.

AJ suggested we go through the marketplace to look for some sprinkles for Buddings since we ran out. So we made our way in and explored the main floor on the search for sprinkles. Unfortunately we found no sprinkles but the delicious smells from the food stalls made our tummys grumble so we decided to start our picnic.

We set up our snacks on one of the picnic tables located outside the market, near the water. As we ate, we were treated with beautiful live music!

Once we were done, we made our way up the stairs to the Q sign, where we enjoyed the view.

Our group of friends were ready for another mini adventure so we went to the nearby playground before heading back to buddings.

Overall, this was a great day where we had lots to see and do. I hope to organize more field trips like this in the future! Join us on Tuesdays for our Summer Picnics Big Kids Club!

Learning About Yeast

July 20, 2017
Written by Florence Tsai

For our Tuesday Big Kid’s Club this season, our focus is on summer picnics. We decided to make a picnic friendly snack: pretzels. Pretzels are easy to make, pack, transport and are generally enjoyed by children. This was also a great opportunity for us to explore an important ingredient that we can find in bread products, yeast!

Before starting the pretzel making, we combined water, sugar and yeast in a water bottle with a deflated balloon at the mouth. We went over that the yeast eats sugar to produce gas, which helps make our pretzels rise. It was fun for us to watch the balloon being blown up by the yeast which happened within 30 minutes!










We first had to activate the yeast with warm water and sugar, just like our balloon experiment.










Everyone was eager to get hands-on with the pretzel making. They did an amazing job pouring, mixing, kneading and waiting for the yeast to do its job!










And Ta-Da! Their pretzels came our delicious and yummy. They were so proud to show off their creation to their parents.










Feel free to try this recipe at home and join us on Tuesdays to learn more about food!

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