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Space Journal Vol. 2

March 28, 2017
Written by Isa

In the first volume of Big Kids Club’ Space Journal, we followed the adventures of Space Commander Scott Kelly, who recently went on board a NASA International Space Station for almost a year.

During our march classes we focused on practising some of the routines and procedures that astronauts perform on a daily basis. It’s a job that requires lots of training, exercise, concentration, teamwork and most importantly, trust.

Some astronauts even say: “always trust your partner”.

This time, we picked our favourite routines, planned our classes together and we even got to go on two field missions! It was a great season and one of the most fun and animated Big Kids Club I ever performed, these kids sure knew how to partner up when there was a “Neeeeeeew Mission” announced. What a great adventure!

Here is our log for this month 🙂 , you’ll enjoy this missions as much as we did! 🙂

Mission 1 – Repairs & Procedures

Following Scott Kelly’s fixing routines on how to identify and fix any faults in the space shuttle, we built a “Repair Simulator” and we accomplished our mission. That means that we placed all the objects in our simulator back in place right on time!

+ +


We added a few touches, collected all the objects, placed them in random spots and … this is the result:

Mission 2 – Field Mission: Launch a Rocket at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Mission 3 – Nature in space

For this mission we packed a big bag of snacks and travelled through Cambie Street all the way to Queen Elizabeth Park to explore some of the nature that co exists in the highest point of our city and compare them with some plant species that can have a happy life in a space shuttle.

Happy faces and happy videos can be seen in our private Dropbox folder that we updated and shared with our Big Kids Club’s parents!

Our last mission will be on March 30th, were we plan to have a screening of the very last mission of Space Commander Scott Kelly and his return to earth! Yes, he is back now! Don’t miss his photos and experiences because they are all unbelievable!

A big thank you to all the Big Kids that joined us this season and thank you to all the teachers who made it possible 🙂

Space Journal Vol. 1

February 19, 2017
Written by Isa

Hello Everyone!

Without a doubt, this Big Kids Club’ season has been a big challenge since I had to pick the most “relevant” facts about Space Commander Scott Kelly’s 340 day mission aboard a NASA International Space Station and believe me, everything they did seems relevant.

It is truly amazing how they manage to keep a normal life and stay healthy, because I don’t know if you know. I didn’t. But if you ever go to space that long, unless you exercise a lot every day and eat perfectly good/processed food, you are a probably going to loose lots of body muscle. Everything they eat, drink and breath is controlled 24/7. No wonder they call it a mission! 

So I decided that my mission for the season was to share all of these amazing stories with the Big Kids through a real projector. A live screening of Scott Kelly’s life in space! mixed with a little bit of teaching.

Here’s a log with some of our missions and discoveries:

Mission 1 – Greetings and Exercise

Our very first screening with a 30led projector, all the kids assisted with the back screen, roof and guests. It was a great class. Even the puppy joined the class! 


Mission 2 – Earth from Space 

The video under the above link  is worth watching, it turns out Scott Kelly has a twin brother! 

Field mission at Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) and travelled across “Awesome is Everywhere” by Neil Pasricha. 


Mission 3 – Stars

We spent a few minutes following Scott Kelly’s dinner & planning routine (just click on Stars if you want to watch it!)

And right after, we started planning a hand made air plane so we could join Hopper and Wilson on their journey through space. 

Mission 4 – Galaxies

For this particular mission, our hands were so busy that unfortunately there is no visual registry. However, we explored Galaxies and recreated one with a mix of blue, purple, black water-colour,  corn starch and some sparkles. The result was pretty amazing, I promise I’ll try one more time and get a video of it 🙂

Mission 5 – Up there, Out there

Today was the last field mission of the month and we went back to VPL’s Central Branch but this time to explore the Green Rooms at the Inspiration Lab (3rd floor). You can simulate any scenery if you have a projector!

Maxim was very impressed to see himself on space! 

Our next field mission will take place at the Mc Millan Space Centre, next March 16th from 1 – 4pm. And if you can’t make it, that’s ok, we’ll try to tell you all about it in the Journey Vol. 2! 

Up there! … where?

January 9, 2017
Written by Isa

Our universe is a large, unimaginable compound of dust, stars, clouds, gas, galaxies and even life! … but guess what?

This season, our Big Kids will learn all about our amazing universe and the challenges of human space travel through our great friend & space commander: Scott Kelly, who just landed on Earth after a historic 340-day mission aboard one of NASA’s International Space Stations! That’s almost a whole year!

During his journey, Kelly ventured outside the confines of the space station for three spacewalks during his mission. The first included a variety of station upgrade and maintenance tasks, including routing cables to prepare for new docking ports for U.S. commercial crew spacecraft. On a second spacewalk, he assisted in the successful reconfiguration of an ammonia cooling system and restoration of the station to full solar power-generating capability. The third spacewalk was to restore functionality to the station’s Mobile Transporter system.

Do you want to know something amazing?

Kelly took the time to register absolutely everything, including photos & videos and every day after his missions, he quietly sat on his laptop, prepared all his photos, and shared the through social media! … I encourage you to have a look at his instagram account @ScottKelly, you’ll find cool photos like this one:

Impressive, huh?

Well, photos and stories like the ones above will be part of our Big Kids Club every Thursday from 1 pm – 4pm  😉 (here’s a short list for the month of January’s lessons, in case you wonder  :lol:)

Class 1 – January 12th: In the Beginning: A glimpse into Scott’s universe.

Special Class – January 19th: Field Trip through space (VPL)

Class 2 – January 26th: The Big Bang! Mysteries & Theories

The world of outer space is so interesting that teaching the children about it will give them a sense of how big our world is and how important we are to it! I really hope you can join us!

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