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This Spring, Do It Yourself!

March 26, 2017
Written by: Talia

Hop! Hop! Hop to! It’s Spring, and there’s so much to do!

Spring planting, spring cleaning, spring planning… This list goes on and on, and this season we’re bringing to-do in-house:

It’s DIY Spring 2017






Story Builders Ready, seed, grow Music Makers Bugs and Babies Invent

Johanna Peters

Ehlssie Tecson

Sarah MacDonald

Sharmila Mardhani

Talia Erickson

Introducing: The Big Kids Do-It-Yourselfers, led by the Buddings Pros

Our afternoon programs of play and learning feature group activities, monthly fieldtrips, social engagement, cooking, art, music, and more, for Big Kids of all ages. They all run from 1 Р4pm, every afternoon, but under the guidance of our creative educators, each has a unique (and beautiful) story to tell:

Johanna Peters presents: Story Builders

Johanna continues her crusade to bring worlds to life through story-telling, play, acting, and art, as she continues the mysteries of the 1001 nights into the Spring season. The story unfolds, and on Mondays, from 1 Р4pm,  Johanna introduces the children to the elements that make this tale timeless.

Ehlssie Tecson: Ready, Seed, GROW!

The season of awakening is upon us, and as the plants begin to rise and shine, Ehlssie and the Tuesday kids will be learning all it takes to make them healthy and strong. From seed to stem, garden friends, and earthy explorations, this nature-based program is a Buddings spring staple, and our teacher Ehlssie is digging in. Shovels are waiting. Join her Tuesdays from 1 – 4pm.

Music Makers, with Sarah MacDonald

Sarah leads her band of merry makers through the music and of some of the world’s most magical musicians. Take a ride in the yellow submarine, as the kids experiment with sounds, strings, and making their own instruments. This season’s Wednesday class is music to our ears, running from 1 – 4pm until the end of June.

Sharmila Mardhani: Bugs and Babies

Sharmila presents the second half of our spring nature club, with a focus on the fluffiest, cutest, sweetest spring babies – and how they change! There’s no topic more attuned with the preschoolers’ own seasonal metamorphosis, and no teacher more ready to share the story. Sharmila led our Saturday-care program through the winter, and we’re so glad to have her handling a weekday Club class. Join her, Thursdays from 1 – 4pm.

invent! with Talia Erickson

How can we meet our needs without draining our resources? Imagining solutions to the world’s heaviest problems is easier when you have open eyes and open minds. This season, Talia introduces the kids to the idea that everything is not only as it seems, but could be anything at all. By learning about some of history’s most ingenious inventors, framing their questions, and creating designs, Friday afternoons will be all about tracking down that most important moment: The Ah-Ha!

DIY Spring runs from Apr. 3 – June 30, 2017.

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