Vicky volunteered so well, we hired her!

Through the spring, it’s been so lovely to have the helpful hands of our lovely volunteer, Vicky Brewer. She was working towards the prerequisite hours to be a teacher-in-training at the Vancouver Community College, but when her 40 hours were complete, we decided to bring her on right away!

Vicky hails from Wales, UK, where she worked in her family’s pub from a young age. Since becoming a permanent resident here in Canada in 2010, she’s been working in restaurants and food service, with all kinds of customers, but she has always loved children.

In fact, she did her degree at Bath Spa University in fields that combine the two: Education and Business.

Here at Buddings, she’s mild-mannered and soft-spoken. Her sweet singing keeps the toddlers happy, and the know she always has a game to play. You can find her at Broadway on Mondays and Wednesdays, Storybook on Fridays, and online at Vicky@buddings.ca.