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Virtual Buddings

November 8, 2011
Written by: Talia

After all these months, you want to see what Buddings looks like, right? You know it’s big, bright, fun, and full of entertaining education for preschoolers, but what does that look like? Great question!

Take a “walk around” and see some of the many reasons your child is going to love coming to Buddings by clicking on the image.


When you come through the doors, you’ll want to change your shoes, and get your lunchbox out of your backpack. Throw all your outside stuff in your cubbie and don’t forget to bring the cubbie card to the front desk to have your name and home time added so we know it’s yours!

The staff at Buddings are awesome! I don’t mean to boast, but really, they are! Jenny and Lawrence are the most creative, inspiring, fun, and careful teachers you’ll find anywhere. And since they’re kids at heart, you’ll have lots in common! Any little Canuck fans out there? 🙂

Dramatic play, reading, trains, and blocks all have special areas in the centre, and if you’re in the mood to just chill out, there are comfy corners for quiet times.

We know how much our little Buddies love to cook, and to make the yummy snacks each day, we’ll need lots of help with the stirring and mixing. We use induction cooktops, which use magnetism to “activate” stainless steel pans, rather than simply generating heat. It’s not perfect, since the pans get really hot in seconds, so Buddies won’t be getting too close, but it’s much safer than conventional cooking. Ask us about it when you come in!

There’s lots more to see, and we can’t wait to give you the real tour, so call or email the centre to make an appointment to check it out for yourself!


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