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Wrapping up Love Month

February 25, 2014
Written by: Johanna

This month at Buddings Big Kids Club has been all about love and connection.  Inspired partly by Valentine’s Day, but mainly by my own love of love, we have been playing lots of group games, working together and doing things to make others (and in turn ourselves) feel good.

Love month was particularly influenced by the book Will You Fill my Bucket? by Carol McCloud and Karen Wells.

This book explores how acts of love and acknowledgement fill us up with a sense of self-worth and a knowledge that we matter.  The buckets are used as a way of visualizing the good feelings we are filled with when we are acknowledged and treated with love and kindness.  It’s great to celebrate these acts of love, to recognize how full our own buckets are, as well as to think about how we can help fill the buckets of friends and family members.

We made our own buckets out of paper bags to have a physical representation of these internal buckets, and have been working on filling our own buckets and the buckets of our friends.

One way that we explored acknowledging others was by creating pictures for our friends.  So often the kids do art activities that are all about them, and that they get to take home.  This time, the kids picked a name from a hat and were given the task of making a picture or piece of art for the friend whose name they picked.


What I loved most about this activity was the conversation that it sparked between the kids.  I suggested that they ask their partner what kinds of things and what colours they like, to help them choose what to put on the picture.

Some of the kids had a hard time including things that their partner might like, because (not surprisingly) they were quite attached to doing things the way they wanted.  Ultimately, however, all the kids were so excited to give their pictures away and loved the act of giving the gifts they had made.  A beautiful confirmation of how generosity and giving gifts to others also makes us feel good!

Hopefully the love will continue to flow as we enter a new month, and explore Marching through March!

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