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You are my Sunshine

April 7, 2013
Written by: Johanna

This week the preschoolers dug right into spring by planting their own marigold seeds.

Spring is one of my favourite themes to explore, as well as one of my favourite times of year, as it represents growth and renewal.  For the kids, it means we get to explore the cycles of life and earth’s miracles, such as how a tiny little seed can grow into a blossoming flower with the right amount of soil, water, light and love.

Mother Spring, a character the kids have already become familiar with, paid us a visit this week by dropping off a note addressed to the Bloom preschoolers.  In her note, Mother Spring explained how busy she’s been helping the plants and flowers to grow, making sure everything has enough water and sunshine to flourish.  During her busiest time of year, she could undoubtably use some help, and so she requested us to help her by planting some flowers!  The kids were more than up to the task and eager to help Mother Spring.  We are called Bloom after all…if anyone’s up to the task of growing flowers, it’s us!

And so we began by creating pictures to decorate our flower pots with.  Some kids drew cats, suns, or hearts, and some just used lots of bright colours to help keep their seeds feeling happy and excited to grow.


Once we put the soil in the pots, we planted three little seeds in each, in the hopes that at least one will sprout, and fed the seeds their first drink of water.  To give our newly planted seeds extra encouragement, we sang “You are my Sunshine”.


After providing our delicate marigold seeds with soil, water and lots of love, we finally placed them under the grow light, providing them with the last ingredient they need to support their journey into planthood.


We will continue to diligently and lovingly care for our little seeds, just as Mother Spring does, and we are so excited to witness the full growth process from seeds to sprouts to bright blooming flowers!

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