Aïda Soldevila steps up!

Aïda Soldevila has been with Buddings since Feb. 2018, and what a whirlwind it's been!

2018: All the way from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, when she first joined our team, we were so impressed with her dedication to children's experience, and to making sure that information was relatable, relevant, and fun! It's easy for her to do all three, because she has her Master's in Pedagogy from the University of Barcelona. She actually has two Master's degrees, but who's counting?

2019:  Aïda has a huge interest in world civilizations, and in 2019, she did a 3-part Big Kids Club about the ancient societies that contributed most to our modern world. She's a prolific contributor to our blog and social media channels, and was the obvious choice when the Big Kids Club coordinator position became available at the end of 2019.

2020: When we restructured ourselves after COVID, she stepped confidently into the new Program Manager role, in centre, and leading our virtual preschool program, presenting all the Signs and Symbols of our new reality, from May to August.

2021: From collaborative new-comer, to senior supervisor at Storybook, to boss lady at Broadway - after 3 years (including this topsy turvy 2020), Aïda definitely has the skills, confidence, and flexibility to lead the team. Whatever the future throws at her, we know her careful attention to all the details will keep everyone safe and on track. 

Want to get in touch? Email her at aida@buddings.ca, or find her at Broadway. Ask for the Manager 😉