Aïda Soldevila moves up, up, and away!

Aïda Soldevila has been with Buddings since Feb. 2018, and what a whirlwind it's been!

From collaborative new-comer (and prolific contributor to our blog), to program coordinator, senior supervisor, and all the way up to the boss lady at Broadway - after more than 3 years playing a major role at Buddings, this summer, we're excited for her... but so, so, sooo sad to say "Goodbye" to our brilliant leader. 

Aïda and her partner are moving to Vancouver Island at the end of June, but since she's ALSO been coordinating our 2loops.ca project (seriously, what doesn't she do???) she'll be continuing to contribute to our sustainability efforts. Her 2loops newsletter has zero-waste tips and monthly updates on our Benefit Company commitments. Subscribe here to keep in touch!

Her last day in centre will be at Broadway on June 25, so be sure to stop in there this month to give her an *air hug*... but if you can't make it, she'll be able to receive virtual hugs, high fives, and elbow bumps by email to aida@buddings.ca.