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Art and ECE


Children are naturally curious, and their brain wants to take everything in. They want to touch, explore, imitate, and observe. With all of this new information children begin to figure out how things operate and how to control themselves and their environments.

Art is an unrestricted exploration, (aside from the art materials). They’re art can take them anywhere. It is an activity to support free play and provides freedom to manipulate, explore and experiment with different materials in an organic and unstructured way. Art helps children build their fine motor skills and cognitive development—and it’s also fun.

I love to talk about a child’s art. I want to know what they were thinking when they created their masterpiece. Sometimes a child will talk about what they are drawing, and I will ask questions. If they are younger I will talk to them about the marks they are making or what colour they’re using.

I am a visual artist, so naturally art is one of my favourite things to do with a child, no matter what age they are! I have met children that fear paint, but eventually coaxed them into holding a brush, and then they began… painting! I have met children that want to do nothing but draw (this was me as a child). Being a daycare teacher and creating with children is inspiring for my own practice, and I hope to inspire children in return. I am so happy that I’ve found a home at Buddings, where art is abundant to fuel that inspiration!

The photos in this post are various projects that I have created with children over the past 4 years. Painting, drawing, beading, sculpting, button making and more! Some of these projects will definely re-appear at Buddings!