BKC Spring 2019

Art Party!

(from my Henri Matissse Art Party!)

I chose to teach Art and Art History for my first Big Kids Club because I am a visual artist. Art is one off the most important things in the world to me, it has helped me through a lot, and is a necessity to my being. 

I have been messing around with various materials, paints, crafting supplies, random objects, etc, since a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother and I sitting at a little red table in our kitchen, making art. I remember making a collage with an assortment of stuff, like buttons, paper, and other random materials from her “craft cupboard”, as she called it. I can still feel the enjoyment of seeing her art supplies and their endless possibilities as she would let me rummage around through drawers filled with paint, fabric, pipe cleaners, pine cones, styrofoam balls, etc. That excitement never left.

The things I wanted to be “when I grew up” would always be in the realm of visual art and design. I wanted to be a fashion designer, interior designer, graphic designer. All these art practices remain a part of me but, once in art school, I developed a sense of my own art practice, and came to identify as a visual artist and illustrator. Making art with children is so much fun for me, and for them! They inspire me to look at things in different ways, how I may have seen them 25 years ago. 

I wanted to incorporate the element of art history in my BKC because it helps to understand the artist and their work. It is interesting how they see the world, and how it may different from the way you perceive things. Many stories associated with art and artists are very engaging for children and can easily be made silly and fun. 

In my BKC I will be talking about some of my favourite modern artists including Frida Khalo, Kieth Haring, Henri Matisse, Alex Calder, Andy Warhol, and Jean Michel Basquiat, who is my absolute favourite. We will be creating art inspired by these artists, their materials and process.


Kieth Haring

Frida Khalo


Jean Michel Basquiat