Chelsea McArthur returns this spring!

Chelsea McArthur returns this spring, jumping in at Storybook Buddings, right where she left off in 2019. Her creative world-view and comical sense of humour make the kids laugh, as the days fly by, and since she worked with us for over a year, she also knows the ins and outs of keeping them safe. 

Chelsea has a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, and has worked in in video distribution, editing, and enjoys working on films for friends, but found herself fulfilled when she works with children. 

With four previous years of experience in a Montessori program, volunteer hours in a child crisis centre for toddlers, and best of all, her consistent stepping-up, Chelsea is a friendly face, and helping hand, that makes everyone's day more smooth, and a lot brighter.

She's like the sun, returning to our skies this season, and you can also catch her rays online at chelsea@buddings.ca.