Dena is an environmentalist!

Dena Schertzer finished a degree in Environmental Studies at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke Quebec in 2019. She brings that experience to our Storybook centre part-time this summer, while pursuing Early Childhood Education at Langara.

Leading young people, and inspiring in them a sense of appreciation for the world, kindness, and positive ideals is what Dena does! She's been involved with Girl Guides Leadership since 2003, and has participated in citizen pollinator science with the Environmental Youth Alliance, and invasive species identification and removal during her time as a Park Ranger at Stanley Park. 

Dena has a deep interest in well-being, the children's and the environment's, so we're so happy she's sharing those passions with everyone at Buddings! Find her Thursdays and Fridays at Storybook, or by email to dena@buddings.ca.