BKC Fall 2018

Enjoy Cool Chemistry!

Hi! Yuka here! I'm in charge of  "COOL CHEMISTRY" on Tuesdays at Storybook.

Do your kids have interest in science? Have your kids tried science experiments at home or anywhere else? Either way, join us on Tuesdays for fun while learning! The reason why early childhood science education is important is because it helps to build scientific curiosity, also to learn with all senses. When we hear "science", we feel like it's special thing or a complex subject, don't we? However, it is NOT! If you observe around you,  you can find a lot of science in the everyday life. That's why I want kids to realize it and enjoy science! Also, I hope that we make kids enhance their scientific curiosity.

The Five Senses

Science helps to develop kids' five senses such as hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste. Through this activity, they used all of them! Hearing: When I shook ingredients, kids closed their eyes and guessed what it was. Smell: They compared the smell of rice flour and cornstarch. Sight: We use sight everyday everywhere! They observed which was whiter. The answer was SAME! Touch: They found that the textures were completely different between rice flour and cornstarch. Also, before and after poured some water into cornstarch powder. After making playdough, it became sticky like normal one. Some kids didn't like the texture. Taste: They tried to lick actively two types of powder a little. Like these way, they used every senses. We'll have a lot of activities to enhance development through our five senses.

Enhance Brain Development

In addition to the principal senses, what is essential is using your brains to think! Science is not a special activity but just an extension of kids' everyday life, so that we can grow their scientific curiosity, love of science, and understanding of the world easily through science activities. Especially, chemistry is fun even for little kids because chemical reactions are obvious at a glance. Kids always think a lot, have their own hypothesis, and find new worlds from trial-and-error. In Fall in love with BKC, we'll have many types of play with chemical reaction. Let's enjoy Cool Chemistry together!

Chemical Reaction

During another three months, we'll have chemical reaction plays:

  • SENSORY PLAY - playdough, slime ...
  • ENJOY CHEMICAL REACTION - baking soda+vinegar, oil+water ...
  • CHEMICAL EXPERIMENTS - How to make tough bubbles  ...

That would be so fun for kids! Sometimes, it's going to be a big mess around us, so it is hard to do it at home. Why don't you join us and let kids have science experiences at Buddings!

Let's have a lot of fun with chemical reactions!

Big Kids Club of Cool Chemistry with Yuka is held every Tuesday from 1-4 pm at Storybook.