BKC Fall 2018

Experimenting with the senses is fun!

Wow, it is November! Since we have started our Senses and Sensibility Big Kids Club we have explored all of our senses with wonderful experiences.  It is interesting to see how our buddies made observations with their eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin and I also help them to explore and wonder with simple open-ended questions. 

#1 Fun Game

Children use the senses to learn, so it was a great opportunity to play a game called “Guess the smell”. We used five cups of different colors with food inside (egg, broccoli, onion, lime, and apples). The cups had tin foil on top with small holes for our buddies to smell. They explored their five senses through this game (SMELL the cups, SEE the colors of the real cups and match them with the paper color cups, LISTEN to the instructions of the game,  TOUCH the food and  TASTE the flavour of each food )

#2 Sensory Experiences

There were different colors of gelatin powder and we smelled each one. Then, using our fingers we felt the textures, as the gelatin power was smeared on a plate. Gelatin paint was created, stirring the warm water and gelatin powder together for each color. Our buddies made their own sweet-smelling masterpieces. The paint mixture was granular which added a nice texture to the painting and children loved it. Also, tea bags were used to paint and we had fun smelling them. The more the children squished them, the more fragrance they released. It was definitely a great way to explore our senses and paint in a unique way.

#3 Baking with our buddies

Children learn by exploring with their senses and the kitchen is an ideal place to do that. We baked a carrot muffin. We mixed the dry and wet ingredients in different bowls and each child helped with the preparation. As we bake, we had the opportunity to smell the cinnamon and vanilla and also taste the raisins, carrots and some honey. Also, hands-on cooking activities help children develop confidence in their skills and abilities.

#4 Field Trip to Granville Island

Last week we went on a field Trip to Granville Island where we visited different places to explore with our senses. We watched everything around us....listened to music, cars, bikes, and people talking...touched the different texture of pumpkins...smelled flowers and seafood...and enjoyed tasting yummy croissants that we got from the store.  Our buddies had a fantastic adventure sharing their ideas and thoughts and learned about the world through their senses.

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