How It Works

Come early, come often!

As the great man said:

♩The more we get together, the happier we’ll be… ♫

… For real, though!

Which is why we’re pleased to announce the launch and lift-off of our Frequent Member Bonus (FMB), which rewards families for coming in frequently:

Occasional Members – use at least 10 hours in any membership month, and get 3 bonus hours to keep the ball rolling into the next month. (Brings the price to $17/hr., inc. membership fee.)

Regular Members – use at least 24 hours in any membership month, and get 4 bonus hours for the next month’s visits. Enjoy 28 hours per month for just $15/hr., as often or irregularly as you like!

Hours transferred from previous months, integration hours, and referral bonus hours (3 hours FREE when you refer a friend!) all contribute towards the total number at the end of the month.

Please note: FMB hours do not apply if there are unused hours at the end of the month.

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