Hiroko is a hands-on helper!

The mornings at Broadway are picking up, and this summer, Hiroko Yamagishi is the pick-up player who fills in the gaps! She's quick on the uptake, used to a hustle, and very versatile! Hiroko is a licensed nurse, and practiced for more than 10 years in her home country, Japan. In the hospitals, she worked with children, adults, and seniors, and when you see how calm she is under pressure, how great she is at explanations, and how patient she is with the kids, you'll know her patients were in very good hands! 

Plus, she was a nurse in a childcare in Japan, and worked as a nurse at a summer camp for 8 summers! 

Now that she's living in Canada, she's been exploring her options. She worked as a nanny for more than 3 years, and has also completed training in Aromatherapy and Reiki! You could say, she's a hands-on helper! 😉

This summer, we are thrilled to have her helping out, and since she and Ayumi Kato have known each over for years, she's already finding her groove! Find her at Broadway most mornings, and online at hiroko@buddings.ca.