How it works, with Charlotte Blake!

While pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree at UBC in Biology and Neuroscience, Charlotte Blake developed a fascination for developmental psychology. From infancy, childhood, and adolescence, to applied developmental science, she ended up loaded with psychology courses, and a passion for the inner how-it-works. She graduated in 2021, eager to put her understanding to use!

A camp counselor, and nanny to toddlers and school age kids, before joining the daycare teachers at Buddings, Charlotte is also an accomplished learner! She enjoys singing, sports, art, making videos, and pretty much anything that lets her expand her experience. The scientist comes out, through her thoughtful approach to tackling new things, and once she finishes her training at Storybook in June, she'll be experimenting, and making magic, at Broadway for the summer. Catch her there, or send her an email to charlotte@buddings.ca.