Assistant Manager: the Lucky and Talented Codie Shiels

Codie Shiels is a wonder. Our favourite Irish dancer keeps the Buddings crew on our toes, so we're always moving through the fun activities of the day in good form. That means leading 12+ toddlers and preschoolers - and 3 teachers! - through play time, safe snacking, educational programming, outside adventures (including changing aallll those shoes... twice), and getting back on time, without a missed hat or a tear... 

Well, even Codie's not perfect... but as our go-to Assistant Manager, she brings us together everyday, to perform at our best!

As a dancer, and coach, she's well-acquainted with pressure, and after more than 2 years at Buddings, we know there's nothing she won't accomplish when she puts her mind to it. 

She holds a Science Degree in Psychology from John Moore's University in Liverpool, including Developmental and Social Psychology. She completed her Responsible Adult certification with Buddings and has a certificate in Positive Behavioural Guidance, through West Coast Childcare Resources. 

Up for anything, and endlessly talented, she also presents the new family orientations, and leads our marketing endeavours: manages our social media channels, hosts the webinars, and has the quick fingers for video and image creation. You can find her dancing the days away at both centres, or by email at codie@buddings.ca