Mikumu Yoshida is the quicker picker upper

Coming to a new country, practicing a foreign language, and taking on a new job, all in the first couple of month is a challenge that Mikumu knew she'd encounter when she moved to Vancouver from Japan in 2023. Her classmate at Felicia College, Shiori, was loving her job at Buddings, and Mikumu applied to us as an intern as a way to learn about Canadian childcare and improve her English.

What a go-getter 🙂

As she completed the training, it was perfect timing to step into a full-time fall position! 

Mikumu has a great sense of placement (meaning she's always in the mix!), and a keen eye for tasks that need to be completed. Quick on the uptake, attentive to instructions, and great with the kids! We absolutely love that. 

And you're going to love Mikumu! 

Follow her from Broadway over to the East side this fall, as she joins the Storybook occasional care team, or find her online at mikumu@buddings.ca.