Colourful and Creative Naida Bertelsen

Hello, September, and hello new friends! This season we welcome (back!) the colourful and creative Naida Bertelsen - who completed her Early Childhood Educator practicum with us at Broadway last July. She'll be finishing her Educator's certificate at the Vancouver Community College in 2022, where she also completed her Level 1 pastry chef diploma in 2018! She loves to bake and she's great with kids, so we're getting two talents in one delightful package 🙂

When she was a student, her supervisors loved Naida's activities and approach, and now that she's working with us, everyone loves having her on board. Of course we do! She fits right in!

Naida lives in East Van, and rides her bike to shifts at both centres. She's active AND artistic, soft-spoken AND straightforward, and best of all, she's bringing all her knowledge straight to her practice! 

We're loving the stories and songs, and she loves the outdoors, so it's a match made in heaven. Find her at both centres this season, and online at Naida@buddings.ca.