Okaerinasai Saya Sensei!

Okaerinasai, Saya Sensei!

おかえりなさい  Saya Sensei! 

That means welcome back (or welcome home) in Japanese, and after volunteering with us while on holiday in 2019, we're thrilled to have Sayaka Yasuragi back in town! 

Saya has been teaching in kindergarten and preschool in Japan since 2012. She has her Early Childhood Educator equivalent, and expereince with kids from 0 - 6 years old. She's maybe to you, but her professional habit of headcounting, and maintaining 360 degrees of supervision have her right in the mix, in all the right places, right from the get-go! She's spending a year in Vancouver to learn about Canadian values in education, and improve her English skills as well. 

Vancouver kids are a multicultural bunch, and English is by no means everyone's mother tongue, so Saya brings an empathy to our buddies as they learn language together. Plus, she loves flowers, nature, art, and music, and with a decade of activities up her sleeve, there's so much to discover! 

She's full of smiles, and definitely has a way about her that goes beyond words. Give her a wave when you see her, for a Japanese welcome, you can say "o ka e ri na sai", and to find her online, email saya@buddings.ca.