Veronica is a student and a teacher, and a friend!

September brings a season of change, and this year, a change for the better, at Buddings, is the introduction to Veronica Ortiz Grande. In the first case, she is a creative, organized, mindful lover of children, animals, and nature! (So that's a great start!) And in the second place, she is committed to learning, development, and to doing her best! 

Veronica is currently a student at Trinity Western University, where she will complete her Bachelor's in Psychology in 2022, AND she's also in training at Buddings, quickly picking up the ins, outs, and all arounds of our flexible daycare program. 

She has become a fast friend to the shy guys, an imaginative collaborator to the precocious preschoolers, and a valuable team member to all the teachers. We love how keen she is to try new things! 

She and her roommate Marlin are both excited to join our 2021 marketing endeavours, as we expand our reach, on Tiktok! Coming soon! And find Veronica online everyday at Veronica@buddings.ca.